Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today is the surprise!

Yes, we have surprise for the web cam viewers. At 4:00ish, we'll move the cam to the front office and have some fun. Hope you'll enjoy. When we're done, we'll replace the cam. Surprise, surprise! The 3 *olly kitties (Rolly, Jolly and Holly) are so squeezable! Stacey brought one of her dogs in yesterday, Boomer. He's a big old gentleman of a dog. He laid on the floor and let the cats lay on him and lick him. What a great dog. Kurt is still busy working on the new cam and getting everything to work together. Yesterday our help came from Stacey, Judy M, Dee, Martha L, Dorothy, Caity and Brenda and Jimmy. Thanks all for your support. Kathy R. was also over last night and is continuing her painting projects here. She's adding some new wonderful sayings to the cabinets, etc. One of them she painted on last night was: Love is a four legged word.

Bella's stump area continues to look good. Kurt William's shoulder is healing...again. For those that were worried about the 3 cats that got into the red paint last night, all is well, We trimmed the fur off their little pads and washed their feet. I think they thought they were helping Kathy! Little Remo just bounces around as if he has 4 legs--no problem for him. Picasso likes to chase the sweeper cord and then pounce onto it. Emaline's eyes/face looks good today.

Wow! Since I did not do boxes on Monday night, we had bunches of boxes and mail to open! What fun! I'm deeply grateful for your support. The cats and kittens wanted me to pass their thanks on too.

  • Anonymous: 32 pack of Friskies Seafood cans
  • DeEtte: 24 pack of Friskies, a case of bella's baby food, 32 pack of Friskies
  • Sabrinta T & cantoncat: 3 cases of Friskies
  • Sasisu666: lovely letter from her cat Billy, plus bowls, sardines, tape, Friskies, collars, toys and catnip
  • Hencat: sent a traveling coat for Dhana and Weasley for their trip to Alaska
  • Littlechap: Styrofoam plates, dog toy stocking, 3 fleece blankets, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, cat toys, Snickers and Reese's Pieces
  • Msbluewolf: LOTS of blubbies blankets. blue knitted everything, with blue,ohiomrspeepers, bantry and kitkat supplying the yarn
  • Stitches: sent stickers & card for Hannah, little cat pins, Avon body lotion, skin-so-soft for volunteers, kitty toys, thank you notes, collars, pencils, paper, postie-notes
  • Icemaiden: Skineeze cat toy
  • Magspa: Hannah card, and a beautiful cat jewelry piece and a donation
  • Amsprinkle: stamps
  • DeWitty: card and stamps

Lots of cards for Hanna (I'm sorry if I've missed a few names) We now have 76 cards for Hannah! Amazing.
Neil & AnnaMarie, Mike & Beth P, Dave M (CA), JoyC (MO), Eleanor F (CT), DeWitty (WI)

jo91150: 2 cards from AZ

Cards for FFRC
Carlene P (WI), Gary (MI) and donation, Dave & Cyndi (CA), Betz (card and donation), Ji-in-ji from Holland, Diane & Missa, Dave & Toni C (OH), Mary L (MI) and donation , Menards, Phyllis (OH), KristyB and donation (OH), Janet S (greeting cards for FFRC to use, IA), Linda from Scotland, Pj and Badkitty

Please keep voting. We're still in #1 place for The Animal Rescue Site! So exciting. Last day to vote is 12/18 with the results on 12/21. What a wonderful Christmas present this would be!