Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We WON!!!

Today is the long awaited day on which we find out officially if we win the $5,000 from The Animal Rescue Site! Wouldn't that be a wonderful Christmas present? I'm so excited! (Update: WE WON!) We took in a new cat yesterday. She's a Putter look-alike. Her name is Raina, she's a chocolate Himalayan, almost 3 years old and is ever so sweet. She has a few mats on her which we're slowly working on a little at a time. She's ready to be out and about with the rest of the gang which will probably happen today. The family that brought her loves her so much. This was a "have to" situation for them, no choice. So, I promised we will love her and find a good home for her. It's obvious she's been well loved. We will also keep her name as Raina. Today we hope to put up the new cat window shelf that was a gift from Marty and family (Judy S's family). We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Betz found a home. She is going to be a wonderfully spoiled girl! One of the visitors spent 15 minutes just petting Twinkle yesterday, which of course she loved. I held Badu for 4-5 minutes today. It was lovely and welcomed by her. What a treat for me! We have two towel-dragging cats. Dunakin and Georgia thinks it's great fun to take a big fluff towel and drag them around. It's fun to watch them maneuver these big towels where they want them. Our three tortis (Tweeny, Peach and Preakness) are awesome cats. All 3 are cuddle-bugs. We have had so many laughs with Cessna. He loves to be cuddled and will pat, pat your face, then ever so gently, nibble your chin. The more we laugh, the more he does it. What a kitty. He'll be going to his new home tomorrow. Warren spent 10 minutes yesterday playing by himself on the paddle pole---up and down and over and over again! These cats are great entertainers. The people who helped us yesterday were Judy M, Stacey, Dorothy, Martha L, Brenda. Thanks to these volunteers that give so much. A very important part of joy is the joy of giving.

Thanks to Elle (Nova Scotia) for her gifts 2 days ago. Her notation of her gifts were accidentally deleted. Elle had sent a money donation in a Christmas card, a card for Hannah, a beautiful Celtic cat pen that I will treasure, desk items, cat toys and a card and monkey for Twinkle. All day yesterday, Twinkle had her monkey with her on her cushie. I was not aware until recently that Elle was the one who started the idea of people sending in postcards to the rescue center from their hometowns. We have probably 30 cards on our cork-board from around the world. If you have not sent us one, we'd love to receive a postcard from your area showing us your part of the world. Thanks Elle!

Twinkle and her monkey