Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas.....a most special day.

Merry Christmas to the volunteers, webcam friends and supporters. We had a rocky day yesterday but all is well. Cats are happy, tummies are full and seeing lots of smiles here today. We had an adoption yesterday. Gonzo went to his new home. He's going to be a very loved and spoiled boy! I've heard back from so many of the newly adopted cats and kittens. All seem happy and adjusted.

For your information--we are in the process of a new website! It will be awesome! The site is: Of course, it's just in the baby stage but it's started! We also have a new FFRC chatters facebook page. That site is: Friends of Felines Rescue Center's Webcam Viewers/Chatters

I want to thank all the Ustream moderators for the awesome job they do. I also want to thank all the wonderful e-mails, thoughts, prayers and PM's that I've received. It's comforting to know that you all care and are supportive. We are fine, we are strong, we love what we do here and we will continue our Rescue Center!