Friday, December 23, 2011

Cats adopted and 1 more on hold

Wow--what a busy day Thursday was. First, we had 2 adoptions in the morning. Nebraska went to be with his new home. Wonderful family. They are also very interested in Kurt William. They will check in next week to see how his new "neck treatment" is doing. Val and her family came and adopted Cessna. Val is the one who earlier adopted Dolcy. What a pair these two should make--lots of fun and smiles, I'm sure! We also had a cat returned--Wiffin is back with us. For reasons that are valid, he did not fit into their family. When I took him out of his carrier, he was quickly given a check-over, flea prevention reapplied and he was off and playing. Cats have such great memories--he's been all over the rescue center already, like he was never gone. This family then took Denae home. This should be a great match--I'm happy for Denae and the family. We also now have Jolly on hold. He will be leaving on Christmas Day in the afternoon to go to his new family. They've adopted from us before--good cat people! Busy day! Our new older cat, Loyal is doing good. He's still in his pen, although the door is open, he's not ready to venture out yet. He's catching up on alot of sleep. The other new kitten is named Haskins for the town he was found in. A very handsome long hair brown tiger. He's been here 2 days now and is ready to join the action. He's about 4 months old. Twinkle is now exploring more--she's been coming into the big office every day for her morning nap. She amazes me how she figures out how to climb up and down, with her very limited sight. She uses her paws to pat things until she's sure she's safe. I saw Emaline give 4 kitty baths yesterday--she was very happy to do so. Georgia drug another towel into a sleeping cubicle and proceeded to nap on it. Love watching her do this. Macallan was carrying 2 of the fuzzy mice yesterday, meowing as he did this.

We had BOXES to open last night! What fun and so appreciated.
Warren (recent adopted cat--talked his new Linda family in bringing it over!)--letter, 2 cases of Friskies, 1 bag of treats, catnip toys and 3 feather dusters to play with
Pat L in Kansas--Christmas card with 4 big pieces of material that we can make into cat mats
Alley cat & Mama Janet--6 pouches of Greenies, replacement pad for the turbo track
Stinkypeep13--card, card for Hannah, string of Christmas lights kitty toy (she made it!), and Christmas pins that were in design of Santa, snowman and JOY. These are awesome and will be given to the volunteers.
Linda T--music card with horns that blow for celebration of winning the $5,000! I blew the horn last night and again this morning!
Leeinoz from Australia---Australia calendar and Christmas card (we'll use calendar in Thumper's Room.
Nuki master & Nuki slave--Cat nuki talked his mama into writing a note for him! Sent 4 sitting stools for the rescue center
Val (adopted Cessna) and family Shelly (sister), Mia & Talor (nieces)--2 big boxes with birdie chase wheel, trash bags, Clorox wipes, vinegar, Paper towels, plates, mylar balls & toys. Also lots of litter! And the neatest rug--a rug that is made with the same material as the marshmallow beds--the kitties and cats will love it! It was nice to meet your family. They'll be getting this rug today!

Gusti--Card with donation for Dhana, Hudson or other kittens (Custi had sent this card in November, just received). Thanks ever so much. Glad it finally arrived.
Mary2-U--postcard from PA (she helps my daughter Caryn and Kellen on their visits)
Michlynn--card & pictures (this was also sent in November, jut received)
Karen R--Christmas card and donation
Marjorie R--Christmas card for everyone
Larry S-Christmas card
Joanne-Christmas card and kitty pictures and donation
Kate in AZ--Christmas card to volunteers and cammers
Hannah, Andy & Jennifer-Christmas card and beautiful picture of Hannah

Hannah's cards, boxes, gifts were delivered last night! We'll keep you posted. I want to thank you all for your support. It means so much to the rescue center. If I ever neglect to mention something or have made a mistake on the acknowledgments, please feel free to e-mail me with corrections.

Brian E from New York has sent us a prayer that he made. He's given us and other shelters/rescues permission to use it. I believe we will copy it onto cardstock paper and put it into each adoption bag. Thank you, Brian.

Prayer From The Shelter
I hope and pray every night that someone will find that I am just right
To adopt and love so I'm never alone. For this I will love you if you give me a home.

For so long I've waited for a family to care
And a chance at life, This is my prayer.

I've been here too long, I need a new start
In return I can offer, Love from my heart.