Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30 Friday

We had another adoption yesterday! Peach went into an awesome home! She is going to be so happy. We also have another kitten on hold. Wonderful Adora will be leaving soon as well. FYI--yes, Paul is fine with this and even showed Adora to this family! The 2 new kittens have names! The grey/white kitten is Alla (the first A is a long sound). Her wound on her leg is getting better. The torti kitten if Fi-Fi. She made a trip to the vets today to have her eyes checked. At this time, she has very limited eye sight. Both eyes appear to be shrunk back into the socket, but both eyes are intact. Her facial muscles are atrophied which causes the eyes to be sunk in. Another discussion with the vet will follow before we decide on a course of treatment. Loyal also made a trip to the vets office. His age is determined to be at 6-7 years old. He has a little BB under the skin near his neck. This should pose no problems. Haskins had his "tic-tac" surgery and is now neutered! He will be adopted soon.

We had ENVELOPES last night!
Tom & Jean L from Defiance--chief tapes and paw points
Susan deR from Wauseon--donation in memory of Pumpkin & Honey and to help an older kitty
Jane W from MA--Ireland Christmas card and donation
Gem from Archbold--note and envelope opener
Neil & AnnaMarie & Vixen (Bandita)--letter and donation from Vixen

All is well here! Most computer things are getting straightened out. In 1-2 weeks we will be rebuilding everything and it will be awesome. Just keep in touch and we'll keep you informed! The new website will be on We are building a terrific computer system force here and I believe you will all love it! It will be easily managed. Thank you ever so much for all the e-mails of encouragement--they have helped me tremendously.

Big news: Remember tomorrow, Saturday, at 4:00 we will be moving the camera into the big office for 30-40 minutes. We will be preparing a webcam appreciation fun event! We will then bring the cam back into the main area for the unveiling!