Sunday, July 10, 2011

2012 calendars now up for sale!

The 2012 calendars are now available! Every calendar is hand done by Kate and each is beautifully done. Every month shows a different cat from the Rescue Center. Cost is $20. If we need to send it to you, it's an extra $3. You can pay thru Paypal or just send a check, but earmark it for the calendar. You'll love these calendars! Two weeks from today is our big Catathon! It's zooming here fast. You can be a part of it thru our webcam on 7/24 from 1:00-4:00. We will have a "pre-show" at 12:45 to explain the details of how to bid, etc. We have 30 plus baskets up for bid and several big ticket items. Have a few thank yous to give. Catman (Glenn from VA) sent a wonderful cat tshirt, cat keychain & a donation for a plaque for the new addition. The plaque is already ordered. My thanks to you for helping us. Medic from IN sent another case of Fancy Feast. Looking forward to your Monday visit. Aunty Bantry is awesome and a wonderful artist. She sent one of her picture designs that is tremendous. This will be part of our Catathon. Putter got a special hug sent from Bantry! All of your support is overwhelming and so much appreciated. Racer is at home busily working on multiple projects for the Rescue Center. He'll be back next week in preparation for the Catathon. I do believe Emaline has given about 15 kitty baths today--you'd think she'd run out of "bathing spit"! Judy S. picked up her 4 cats yesterday--her vacation is over & she'll be back Tuesday. We had visitors yesterday--we do indeed love visitors--it's partly why these kitties and cats are so friendly. Everyone is starting to get the hang of entering the Rescue Center by the new back entry door. The sad news: our little Dovie girl passed away last night about 9:30 pm. As many of you know, she had multiple physical problems. Our vet said from the beginning she worried about her internal organs. She was spayed & all went fine, so we thought we were safe. But that was not to be. It is thought that she probably had a heart defect as well. She had so much loving yesterday. I'm often asked--if you know a kitten doesn't have a good outlook, why take it and risk having a heartache again. The answer is simple--it's not even a decision making circumstance--if the kitten or cat comes in & we suspect a possible early death, there's no question to it. That cat needs as much, if not more, loving as we can give. We would never turn down a cat just because of this. Not an option. It's here, we love them, and do what we can to make their life happy. Sure, heartaches are hard, but it's part of what happens. We continue on with our work. Now, I'm wondering if anyone wants to come and adopt Diffie? He's making it absolutely impossible to work at the computer--I'm getting pretty good at typing with his head on my fingers though! What a doll! Oh no, I just took him to the back door, and he beat me back to the desk. Oh wellBuffin & Wiffin have completely readjusted to being back--2 very happy young cats.