Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle...

We took in another new cat yesterday. This sad case is something that didn't have to happen. She has a 2nd chance and a new name now, Twinkle from Bantry's naming rights! She is a muted calico, 14 years old, very "mothy" eyes. She had over 1000 fleas on her. Can you imagine living with your skin literally crawling? Twinkle is very skeletal and anemic, it took 3 baths to get all the bloody debris from the fleas off of her. Despite all this she's still a sweetie, purring and eating like she's starving. I can't imagine what she must think now that she isn't being tormented with skin/fur worries. Thanks to Bantry for naming her, we'll help her be a shining star!  Someone e-mailed me about a Persian yesterday. Sorry, but I cannot retrieve the info (my phone died), please send it to me again. A big thanks to Mamie for sending the baby food jars! We appreciate it, we were getting very low. With the oldsters, sickies, newbies, we've been using a lot of it. Thanks too to the anonymous donor of baby food from Target--so very nice of you. I've sent out a bundle of t-shirts yesterday. My goal this week is to get things in the mail to everyone--baskets, t-shirts, etc. Racer will be working on the autographed pics of the Pamper Pet Sponsors! I still feel like I'm in a daze about the Catathon. Never in my wildest thoughts did I think it would be this successful. It gives me some "breathing room" to not have worry about the addition! I also want to say a huge, giant thank you for all the gifts that I was presented with at the end of the Catathon--I had no idea that was going on. The love and support you show is overwhelming. It sure helps me get thru the rough spots. I'm grateful to you all. It'll take this week yet to get re-organized from the Catathon, but we're working on it!