Saturday, July 16, 2011

An explanation of viruses

Yes, we have a virus in the Rescue Center--this is not the end of the world here!! Things will be ok! We have had a wonderful spring and summer--no illnesses at all. At any given time a virus can come into our Center. We are on guard about this ALL the time--sweeping/mopping, wiping counters down, watching the cats/kittens, ionizers, good food, vaccinations, etc. This is simply a kitty cold. The fact that 1 out of every 3 cats carry the calici virus is true--we rarely get this, I believe to the high standards we set for cleaning. Cats cannot give humans a virus and vice versa. But, they are the same in the fact that antibiotics do not help. It has to run it's course, usually 10-14 days. When a kitty is over it, their immune system is actually tougher for it. Here at the Rescue Center we do use antibiotics though to prevent secondary infections and because of the high numbers we work with. We also treat symptoms to help them feel better. I constantly am watching these cats & kittens for any little sign of illness. This actually is fairly minor, they will be fine and we'll continue our watchful eye every day at this rescue center. I appreciate all of your concern--it must be hard watching the cats from afar and not being able to reach out and touch/pet them.
We have lots of thank yous to give. I try very hard to never forget to say thanks, please forgive me if I ever miss someone. Also know that your support is extremely valuable to us and hugely appreciated.
Amy Stitches72 - canvas craft items
mkmouse - lots of fancy feast cat & kitten
Wookhan Kim - cash donation
jodiann87 - cash donation
annamarie7 - temptation treats-3 flavors
Cathi B - cash donation
Ilana, Smudge & Josh - scoopable litter 4 boxes
Betty G - pink rug
Speedy - spring toy & catnip banana

It humbles me knowing the support you all give.
All is fine here. Ernestine & Fozzy, Rizzo, Barbra & Gonzo are doing great. They will stay in the new Meowcomer's Room for a while. They are being housed in the wonderful pen that Racer painted. We leave the door to the pen open so Ernastine can go in & out as she pleases inside the room. We have an official hold on Tinker - Mary and Ron are going to adopt him Tuesdy morning. ohiomrspeepers & lovemypetz were here yesterday for a visit. Please continue to vote for us! We're tied for 5th place. A week from tomorrow is the Catathon--help spread the time and date for us thru your personal e-mails please! We are geared up for our practice session on Monday at 2:00. Remember if any of you would like to come for the weekend, Angie (volunteer) still has space in her home or there's also hotels close by.