Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Greetings and Farewells

I'm so sorry to tell you that our little Bitsy girl passed away during the night. All was fine with her, then late afternoon yesterday she went into respiratory distress. She actually took her midnight formula, but passed away at 3:00 AM while I was holding her. This little girl was so loved and will be so very missed. We all ask, WHY does this happen. I don't know. All I do know is that I'm glad she was here for the short amount of time that she was.The other bit of sad news is that our Murka boy is also gone. He had been having trouble with his mouth but absolutely would not let me look. So, he was sedated yesterday and a large mouth tumor was found. After talking to our vet, it was decided to euthanize him. This tumor was painful for him. He was surrounded by love when he passed away.

One of the reasons we can keep doing what we do, even on horrible days, is because of all of you. You all are fantastic supporters. In the Animal Rescue Site shelter challenge we are 1st in Ohio & 8th overall. Thank you all for your votes. This quarter goes until Sept. 18. Our 2 adoptions from 7/3, Deek & Dian already have pictures on our facebook--looks like they are settling in nicely. The 4 newbies Asimov, Bujold, Gaiman & Heinlein had their first outing yesterday and they did quite well. All 4 came out and were playing. They have been out most of today so far and are having a lot of fun exploring and investigating. Telo is becoming my new desk friend, always into everything including the fingers which makes typing very difficult! Dovey is also out & about more, becoming much braver. It seems we have another Peterson; Subra was spotted nursing on her mama Queenie. They're about the same size. Emaline loves the marshmellow pillows--she sinks right into them. Couscous enjoys spending time with her. We had another organizational meeting yesterday for the Catathon. This is going to be a big event. Things are coming together for it. Today is a clinic day which is actually our last day of surgery until I can find a new vet. We will get as many of our FFRC kittens done as possible. I have a few ideas for the clinic but it will be closed for the month of July while we reorganize. Dr. Cindy & Dr. Amanda are both willing to come once a month to help keep our kittens/cats spayed and neutered. Remember, no felines are adopted from the Rescue Center until the spay/neuter is done-this is a policy that will not change. Kurt William is working hard on figuring how to climb the poles--it's hard work but he's slowly figuring out a system. We took in 2 new kittens yesterday, separately. One is Jobo, a male white/black tiger, around 8 weeks old. The other is Joben, a male brown tiger/white, 9 weeks old,. They both have something in common... They're purr machines!


"Gweetings, Erfling!"