Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Practice done for Catathon!

Yes, we had our practice for the Catathon! A few little kinks that we've worked out already. Very exciting and only 5 more days. It's Sunday from 1:00-4:15. We now have the phone numbers to call in for bids. Bids can not be taken until the Catathon and then only for what's up on the block at the present time. These numbers are: 419-438-1343, 419-438-9993, 419-439-4679, 419-393-2400 & 419-769-1010. There will be 31 baskets to bid on and 7 big ticket items. The baskets will run 5 new ones every 1/2 hour and the big ticket items stay on from 1:15 to 3:40. For our visitors here at the Rescue Center, we also have many items to purchase in the office.
We had an adoption yesterday! IOWA went to her new home. The family that adopted her has already adopted from us before. Farrah had a nasty seizure yesterday. She, again, fell from a top cat walk. Full seizure for about 40-45 seconds, which seems like an eternity. Then after being held quiet for 4-5 minutes, she's ready to go. She's always super affectionate for the next day or 2 afterwards (although we all know she's super sweet all the time!). She has these about every 6 weeks. We have had her on PB's for seizures before, but one-she's a difficult cat to pill everyday and two--the affects of the pills are not pleasant for Farrah.
We had 4 BOXES yesterday! What fun!
Clarice from MI- a beautiful rug, lots of cool toys, dog/cat treats, a cat clock, refrig magnet, scratch pad toy, a cat sculpture.
Lynn S from MI - 3 rugs (1 of them for A Labor of Love!)
Azuremeow from FL - cat treats, cat wipes, canned food, placemat & dry cat food
Queenofkings from WV - Cat DVD, and 2 neat toys where there's holes in a box for cats to fish out toys (1 for FFRC/1 for Catathon). They also have the FFRC logo engraved on the bottom!
Thanks to you all. You are an important part of FFRC and we appreciate you.
I also love what Clarice wrote: When the world says, "Give up", Hope whispers, "Try it one more time". And that is exactly what we intend to do--keep trying and trying to help as many kitties and cats as we can, even thru the tough times..