Friday, July 1, 2011

SFF Kittens

The kittens and cats went camping last night! They had their very own tent with a big tunnel (compliments of Stacey) to play in all night and they had lots of fun. We had 4 new kittens arrive yesterday, 3 boys and 1 girl. The boys are named Asimov, Gaiman, and Heinlein, and the girl is named Bujold. These 4 kittens, retrieved from a hoarder's house, are about 6 weeks old. They were living in very awful conditions and were covered with hundreds of fleas. But, life is turning around and they are flea free, bellies full and romping already in Patience's Pen. Tweeny, Dovey, and Athena had their first short outing today to play in the office. It's been determined now by 2 vets that Dovey's problems are something she was born with (shortened tail, deformed rear leg, and she has an umbilical hernia). There's some concern for her as to if there are other deformities we are not aware of yet (heart, etc.). Time will tell. Right now she's probably happier than she's ever been, playing a little with new friends and having enough food. We are slowly but surely getting the 3 new rooms stocked. Yesterday we started getting supplies in the Mewcomer's Room. We even put in the new Ionizer that was a gift from Jatcat. We so appreciate this as it will help immensely with germs, bacteria, etc. Thanks Jatcat! Today we will work more on getting the desk ready so we can do the paperwork in this room for new intakes. We had boxes the last 2 nights! Quayside (Elaine & Willis) sent Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken (a real favorite), Mary Louise S. from Fair Oaks, CA sent toys , can food, treats, stamps, sponges, and office supplies (all will be well used). Mary2u sent KMR for little Bitzy (who is growing). SarahEO sent 4 cases of Gerber chicken meat in the jars (we were definitely low), and we had an anonymous friend that sent Clorox Wipes, Q-tips, and Royal Canin Dry Cat Food-we so appreciate it. I always find it quite amazing how when we add things to our shopping list, many times these are the items that arrive in boxes! Also a big thanks to ohiosmrspeepers and LoveMyPetz for the supplies for the cats and items for the Catathon. You are amazing. Our Wellness Clinic was very successful yesterday, we saw so many cats and dogs. Little Bitzy is eating well, and Bumble Bee loves to play with all sizes of kitties. She's a little toughie.


Update: The anonymous gifts were from MollyBlum. Thanks!