Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17 Update on the URI virus: good news/sad news The sad news is that we lost Gibbs last last night. I have already contacted the family that was going to adopt him, they understand what happened and when they move, will still be in to adopt a different kitty. What a beautiful boy Gibbs was and we will miss him terribly. Our 2 remaining SSF kittens are doing better--both ate by themselves last night late and again this morning. The best news is that they were both playing a little this morning. So....I'm hopeful. Turring is struggling a bit, but is on meds, fluids and syringe feedings. The rest of the cats and kittens all seem to be better today. We gave 32 injections this morning--what a job. As I've said, antibiotics are good for secondary infections, not the primary virus infection. I feel we've seen the worst of this. I understand how hard this must be for you all to be "looking in" at a situation that is out of your reach to help. Please know that we are working hard on helping this problem. I appreciate your caring thoughts and love for these cats. So...keep hope. We had an adoption yesterday! Beautiful Josephine was adopted! We've already heard from this family and it sounds like Josephine has already made herself at home. We wouldn't expect anything less of Josephine! A week from today is the Catathon. It's Sunday from 1:00-4:00 (actually it'll be 4:15!). Please join us and pass on the webcam site to your friends and family. We have a special visitor here for the weekend. Jodiann87 (from Grosse Ile) is here! Jodi also brought with her a wonderful cat basket with a marshmellow bed (basket #1). Catlady (from Milford, MI), sent 8 glass garden art creations--aweome! We get to pick one for Albert's Garden and we'll add 1 to the garden basket (basket #20). It's going to be a HOT week here--90's all week.