Thursday, July 14, 2011

mama & 4 babies have names

July 14, Thursday The new mama calico is wonderful-super friendly. We've taken on the Muppet Clan! Mama's name is Ernestine. Calico is Barbra. Torti is Rizzo. Black/white is Gonzo. Tiger/white is Fozzy. A really nice litter of babies, but then, aren't they all! THis group in in the new Meowcomer's Room in the silver pen. It's a great pen--plenty roomy enough for them. Emaline continues to be a mother to many of the kittens. Have a possible interest in Marja and Tinker. Bumble Bee is growing--she even gets involved playing with the big cats. Couscous is such a fun boy--he likes being a part of everything that happens here (in other words, he's very nosy!). Watched Putter this morning, very interesting. He sat there just watching (and waiting) for a certain kitten to get close to him. As soon as that happened--whap, he hit his mark. I swear I saw him smile. Good thing the kittens are never offended by Putter. The 2 new kittens--Jobo & Joben are fully acclimated and in the thick of the play group. Fun night last night as we had BOXES to open. Big thanks to Elaine & Willis who donated money for a plaque--got it ordered already. Mitty donated 2 laser lights & a red marshmellow bed for the Catathon. Now we have 1 angel bed & 3 marshmellow beds for the catathon. Will have to tell the cats they cannot bid on them! Thanks to Dave & Cindi for the great afghan for the catathon--it's so colorful, love it. Cantoncat donated Fancy Feast which of course the cats love! Catman donated money for a plaque which has also been ordered. Can't wait until we get the plaque display up. I'm sure Racer will take pics of it and put it on his flicr page. ClassyCat2U sent candy for the volunteers (yum!) and refrig. magnets for the Center and for the Catathon. Speedy sent catnip, fancy feast and toys for Asha. Big thanks!An anonymous donor sent 3 packs of the Q-tips swabs, we sure do use alot of these. Please forgive me if I ever forget to thank someone, I try so hard to give proper thanks, I would never intend to forget to pass on my gratitude. If not for you webcam donors, this Rescue Center would not be where we are today in improvements, etc. A heartfelt thanks.