Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catathon items shipping!

 Our new oldster, Twinkle, has made her way out of her pen. She's starting to put on weight, still looks and feels extremely thin. But, Twinkle is eating! She seems to enjoy slowly cruising and even went out on the outdoor enclosure yesterday. I told her she will never have a flea on her again. We took in another cat yesterday--a black/white female. She is about a year old. She apparently fell between a building and some cement blocks and got stuck. Her hips, being the wider part of her, was wedged. In the process of trying to get out, she received a wound on both hip areas. She also was covered in fleas to the point where much of her hair is missing and her skin is very thickened. She's now flea free and we're working on helping her wounds heal. Dorri-Lynn is now on hold and will be picked up next Saturday. We had boxes to open, so we have thanks to give! Many thanks to Betty for the beautiful cheetah print pillowcases! The cats will act like real wild animals now! Jatcat sent baby food, baby cereal, and can kitten food--all needed items--thanks to Jatcat! Another box was from Classycat2u that had q-tips, a laser toy and dry cat food. Thanks a bunch. The cats had fun last night with the laser light toy--will stay on for 15 minutes. I'm still thinking of the Catathon, it's totally amazing to me what was made possible. What a relief it will be to get that check over to the builders. This is all possible because of you viewers! We're working on getting all items that need to be mailed out done--we're sending mail out daily. Also will be ordering the new plaques today. Our new addition is awesome and already being well used. All visitors now come in thru the new door into the Welcome Room. Thanks for making this possible!

Buscha wants YOU to give her a home!