Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One in & one out

We had an adoption yesterday--our sweet Tinker went to his new home. The family that adopted him has other FFRC cats and are treated wonderfully. I'm so happy for Tinker! We also took in a new cat--a white Persian named Frankie B. He has gorgeous blue eyes and is 2 1/2 years old. He's in Dodger's Pen and seems to be enjoy watching all the action. Maybe tomorrow we'll open his pen door. We're fighting this virus full blast and seem to be making headway. Heinlein & Bujold are now out & about most of the time. Only 2 are lagging--Turring & Nod. Tomorrow should be a better day for them. I love watching Jobo and Joben playing--they run crazy together! We had a BOX to open yesterday--it came from Karla B. She sent 3 cases of Friskies cat food. Thanks so very much! We use alot of it. Thanks to Connie D. for bringing some much needed baby meat jars yesterday! With the sickies and babies we've been using alot of it. Thanks too to Christine U. for the paypal donation. If anyone ever has pillowcases you don't need, we can always use them!
A repeat of the phone numbers for the catathon:
If the lines are busy-please keep trying!

Info on the "Sponsor a Pampered Pet" for the catathon: We have 8 cats that can be sponsored. For $20, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you provided a special treat for your pampered pet selection for 2 weeks. During the catathon, just call in and let us know! There's Magentta, Cutie, Bella, Asha, Ada Jane, Farrh, Octavia and Putter. You will also receive a special picture of your pampered pet.