Monday, July 11, 2011

Octavia hit the jackpot

7/18 Someone left the food cabinet unlocked last night--found evidence of 6 packages of food, of course they were stripped clean. I'm offering a new catnip toy to the cats to give me evidence of who did it! Today Jobo & Joben were moved from the new Meowcomer's Room to Dodger's Pen here in the office. Both are doing good. They'll now spend a couple days in this pen to acclimate to their new surroundings. Wonderful kitties. We also took in a new cat yesterday-Marja, a returnee. She originally arrived 6/21/07 and was adopted 3/27/08. So, she's been in this home for 3 years. Marja is a dark marble tiger. Her birthday is 5/3/07 so she's just a little more than 3 yrs. old. Her owner had to move and it wasn't possible for her to take Marja. She spent yesterday in Meowcomer's but is now in the main area, in pen #1 for the day to acclimate. A very nice young adult cat. A few reminders: our volunteer Angie/Bill has offered their home if anyone is coming to the Catathon and needs a place to sleep. Just let me know. Also the 1012 calendars are on sale now--they are terrific. 100% of the money comes back to the Rescue Center. You can pay thru PayPal or send a check, earmarked calendar. Cost is $20 or $23 if we need to mail them to you. Kurt William's shoulder sore is doing much better. The 3 crypto babies are always napping together--very cute, a big pile of black/white fur! Putter loves going into the new Welcome Room. I think he knows he's special because he's the only one allowed to do this. Nabbit is a huge play machine. But when people sit in the rocking chair, he's all over you. A big loverbug. Denelle loves to drag around those big Kickaroo toys. She's very determined. Heard from Zander's new family--they sure do love him.