Friday, July 29, 2011

More woobies!

We had another adoption! Our wonderful, extra cute Scribbles went to a great home. He's going to have lots of TLC. Also heard back from Iowa's new mom and she's doing great. Our newest oldster, Twinkle, is dong good. She's exploring a bit more each day. She requires eye care daily. I mentioned it on the chat yesterday that our 2 little ones, Heinlein and Bujold have passed away. That means that litter of 4 are now gone. Truly, broke all of our hearts, but it's a little feeling of relief knowing they are not struggling so hard now. As short as their stay was with us, I'm still glad they were here where they experienced happiness. We are expecting a couple more adoptions here in the next couple days. We had a box to open last night. It was from msbluewolf. It was full of kitty woobies. She's another self taught (thru YouTube videos) woobie maker. Thanks Blue--we love them and will use every one of them! Yesterday we sent out the last of the basket boxes that had to be mailed along with some other smaller boxes of items. Each day we're working on getting things out. We're also compiling the Name a Cat list and the Sponsor a Pampered Pet list. The new plaques will be ordered in the next day or two. So...things are coming along. Nod is doing great and yesterday he had a good appetite. Rumble has been playing with some of the kittens. Dugster has become a true Velcro kitten--what a love bug he is. Cyrilla is also another sweet kitty. The Crypto Kittens are in full gear again--3 very fun kittens.

Tibby says "Okays I is all packed up an readys to go home today!"