Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amera found a home

We had an Amera adoption! Amera went to a lovely home with a young couple that has lots of TLC to give. They will call in a couple days with an update. We've heard from Tookie's new family and all is well and happy. This family will be back in Defiance around Thanksgiving time and will stop by for a visit. We do enjoy having visitors. Yesterday, Medic and her mom Belinda were here for a visit. They also came bearing gifts! Both of them also joined in and did a couple projects for me. My sister Nancy from Indiana was here along with my other sister Judy, who is a volunteer. DCTV was also here for their monthly 1/2 hour taping of the rescue center, cats for adoptions, events, etc. This is usually aired 3-4 times weekly. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so the outdoor enclosure was open. Today is suppose to be nicer yet, so it's open again. Lilo is now out and about half of the time. What a beautiful girl. Remo is doing wonderful. He's got complete balance now and is a joy to watch. He loves to be held. That little Dhana walks around here so big and mighty...for being such a tiny girl! One kitten this morning made a major mess, which all the cats loved. He jumped up on the counter, hitting the plate with an extra yummy serving of food for the babies, and it got tossed onto the floor. It was like a free for all--got licked up as if the floor had been just mopped!

We had boxes last night, a highlight of our day! Thanks to:

  • Quayside: Petite Cuisine Gourmet Cat Food, 2 flavors. The cats think they are at a 5 star restaurant!
  • Medic and mom: Canned chicken, cat/dog/Einstein treats, Friskies, paper towels, baby food, Clorox wipes, treats for the volunteers and a bunch of awesome blankies for the cats.
  • Medic: Fancy Feast
  • Rhonda M for Birka and Friends: mackerel, Q-tips, sponges, Mr. Clean sponges, cotton balls, white out, plates and sardines
  • Sabrina T Cat: Reindeer antlers for Putter, the Paddys and Bella
  • Zote7: cardinal toy for Hudson
  • Betz: donation for a name request

Jatcat had a suggestion for anyone ordering from Amazon for the rescue center. She said if you mark it as a GIFT, there will be a place for your name. That would be so nice to know for sure what box came from what person. Sure wouldn't want to miss saying our thank yous. We also got 6 postcards! I love getting these. The cards show the location of the sender. Thanks to Gloria C, Bantry, Kittycam, Frenchcat & family, Mamie and even one from Paddy in Wales. We hang these up in the office. Thanks!