Saturday, November 12, 2011

RightThisMinute video news show

We had our interview late afternoon yesterday with RightThisMinute. It was fun and talked about Bella, Farrah and general things about the Rescue Center. Not sure yet when it will be aired, but their website is This is the day that CJ will be going to her new home! She will be going to a friend of a vet tech and so will also receive all the medical care she may need. This is a quiet home and so I feel that Cj will blossom in this atmosphere. Later this afternoon we have a possible adoption. A family friend of Jodi's is interested in Marvel. Such a wonderful kitten. Missa is also still on hold. Missa loves the laser light and will chase it with a passion! Twinkle continues to do well. Her weight is good, she loves kisses and enjoys her cushie beds. Anony is also doing great. We have his pen door open part of the time--just waiting for him to decide when he wants to come out. Badu gave me 6 kisses last night! I was thrilled. I just realized last night that Farrah has been seizure free for 10 weeks now. That's amazing. I am thrilled for her! Those 6-some kittens are so funny. Dolcy, Weasley, Cessna, Nuki, Dhana & Remo are quite a group. Their energy level is sky high!

We had boxes last night, of which, I am grateful for.

Gemini & Mom--hand delivered 2 cases of Friskies, Kleenexes, pop tabs, pictures of fur-kids, volunteer cookies, cans of chicken, whiska lickins, Q-tips, fancy feast.
Jatcat--6 bags of Iams dry kitten food
littleonemine--hand sanitizers (4)

"I is a very well behaved kitty. Honest." -Cobbis