Saturday, November 5, 2011

Surgery Day!

Today is the day! Dr. Cindy, Bonnie, Lynnette, Sue and I will be tending to our large amount of cats that are getting their spay/neuter done today. By tonight, all will be done and we'll be back to normal! What a big day. Monday we will have 2 special visitors--Medic and her mom will come from Indiana for a visit. Medic is a web cam viewer. They've visited once before. Remo is doing awesome. He is such a brave little boy. His stump is looking great, he's eating good and he sure enjoys the attention. Soon he'll be out and about with the rest of the gang. We took in a new kitten yesterday. His name is Cessna as he was found at our local airport. Such an extra sweet kitten. He's a tiger/white with big eyes and a purr like a lion's. Bumble Bee is doing fantastic now that she's been back for a couple days. She's very relaxed now and is enjoying all the attention. We have a possible hold on Jeepers, will know more next week. My dog Jazzy is doing better. Thank you all for your concern. She's an older Great Dane and had a couple rough days. We had boxes last night--which always brings a smile to our faces here. This helps us tremendously.

  • Sabrina T Cat & Cantoncat--a case of Friskies (Sabrina needs to visit us!)
  • Elaine & WIllis (quayside)--6 cases of Whiska treats for Putter & Friends
  • Anonymous--a case of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
  • Red Lion--homemade FFRC cards & stamped envelope--these are awesome!
  • Cyndia & David--Mega flashlight & batteries for those times I have to go out at night looking for a cat!
  • Neil, Anna Marie & Vixen--card with a donation & a note from Vixen

Thank you all so much. What all of you do for us is huge. I'm very grateful. Please keep voting--we went up a notch but still have a ways to go before the voting is done. Thanks for your voting support! I left Remo on the floor for about 5 minutes this morning while changing his bed. He's a little off balance, but did really good for his first jaunt. The first thing he did was hopped over to Putter. The surprise look on Putter was priceless! Wiggles is growing so much--he's a major play kitten machine. Adora and Amera are both filling out now--it's amazing what good food can do. The 4 calico/torti litter will be able to come out tomorrow.