Thursday, November 3, 2011

Denelle and Xubie find a home

Yesterday Mary E. and I weighed the kittens that are in need of their spay/neuter to see how many we will have for surgery on Saturday morning. We will have 16 spays & 7 neuters to do. Dr. Cindy, Bonnie, Sue and Lynnette will be here to help. Saturday will be a very busy day. We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Denelle and Xubie were adopted together. Their new mama is going to have a lot of fun with these two. I'm sure Denelle and Xubie will love their new home. Kurt William had his collar off for just a very short time when he opened up his sore again on his neck. One scratch and he did it again. So....back on with the collar. His neck looks great today. We also have a hold on Rizzo. She will be leaving within a week, as she still has to be spayed on Saturday. She'll be going to a home where the new mom is home all the time to give lots of TLC to Rizzo. We also took in a new kitten last night. He was up in a car engine when the motor was started and severely injured his rear left leg. He will be leaving this morning to go to Dr. Pettigrew's vet office for a leg amputation. The leg is beyond repairing. His name is Remo, a male, about 5 months old and is a real purr machine. What a very nice kitten. He'll feel so much better when this surgery is over. We've moved the 4 new girls up into the Rescue Center now. They are in June's Room and are having so much fun. I've never seen kittens so eager to please and purr. 

Boxes! Many thanks to:
  • Elaine and Willis (Quayside): Whisker Lickins treats for Putter and friends
  • ClassyCat: dry cat food
  • Kallie and Gananny: TLC volunteer candy, cat toys, treats, notebooks, tablets and post-its
  • Jobo's Mama: bonito flakes, Greenies Pill Pockets, Friskies can food
  • Jillr27—Fancy Feast
  • Sabrina T Cat and Cantoncat: cases of Friskies and 16 packs of cat treats & 2 cases baby food
Thank you so much for your support! Please forgive me if at times I do not get all the information correct--I try, but I realize sometimes I may not get it 100% correct. Please continue to vote. We're still in #1--what an awesome thing! I appreciate each and every vote.

Picasso and Weasley
Picasso and Weasley