Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Badu gets her own sign

Badu is going to look awesome with her brand new red collar! Starting today (if she likes it) Badu will sport a new look. There will be a sign on the door telling people, look but don't pet the cat with the red collar. She's a beautiful girl and many times people zero in on her. If she doesn't like their over exuberant petting, she gets testy. She's doing so much better with all of us that care for her. But, new people that don't know how to read her signs of "that's enough, please back off now", may get a sample of her temper. We'll see if this gives Badu some more personal space. Lilo is doing really well. She's out and about most of the time now. She'll still take refuge in her pen occasionally, so we leave her pen door open for her use. Remo is now playing, but it appears he has a limp. He must have zigged wrong on his front leg, but that should be better by tonight. Noble's little limp is also much improved. These kittens play full-steam and are rough players! Hudson spent the night in Cat's Corner Room with the babies, to give him a break from Tasco. Emaline has been spending lots of time on the overstuffed bean bag. The kittens also like this bed, so having Emaline there is a bonus. That Dhana is one tough baby. She wants to play with the big cats. When they get too rough, she sounds like a Tasmanian devil! It works, they back off, but yet, when people pick her up, she's a marshmallow. The kittens are going to have extra fun today--they have a new pirate ship to play with. This is their 3rd ship as the first 2 they completely wore out. They love this toy! Kurt has been spending many hours getting the cat sleeping boxes and catwalks done in Kitty City. Chia, Cassi and Claudius were sleeping together yesterday--it looked like 1 big gray body with 3 heads! Nebraska is a special friend of Bumble Bee's. They have so much fun together.

We had boxes last night. This rescue center a very grateful receiver of these gifts.

  • KitKat: dog and cat treats, hand lotion, Kleenex, toys, pop tabs for Kellen, hand soap, paper, q-tips, volunteer treats, vitamins, fancy feast appetizers, pens
  • littleonemine: case of seafood Friskies
  • michlyn: Fancy Feast appetizers, purple rug, lime green rug
  • jatcat--pirate ship toy
  • CeS--red collar for Badu

Thank you all so much for your support and your votes. I checked our records last night and in the last year we have only had to purchase can food for the rescue center two times. That is because of your donations and supplies. I'm very grateful. This allows me to pay more on our medical needs. Many thanks!

I've had people asking lately what our adoption fee covers, so here goes: upon arrival all cats get a leukemia/heartworm/FIV test, Capstar and a bath. During their stay here each cat will also receive 2-3 distemper vaccinations, 2 leukemia vaccinations, 3 dewormings, monthly flea prevention, a repeat leukemia test 4 weeks after arrival, a veterinarian's physical, their spay/neuter and any other medical treatments necessary (antibiotics, additional surgeries, fluids, etc.). We have a minimum of $200-$250 in each and every cat, but we keep the adoption fee at $90.