Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish for all our viewers and friends to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Wow! We had 2,118 hits on Petfinder. That's 2,118 people looking at our cats and kittens! Cobbis had the most hits, followed by Macallan, Jeepers, Tasco, Bee, Buffin, Octavia. Our dear Cobbis was adopted this morning. He will arrive at his new home late this morning. I just found a baby molar tooth on the keyboard. In all the years I've done this rescue, it's only the 2nd time I've found a baby tooth! We're expecting a quiet day today, which is nice. Kitties and cats are already chewing away on their holiday hambone. This should keep them busy for a day or two! Later today they'll get some turkey to eat. We took in a new kitten last night. A dark orange boy. Our volunteers Angie and Bill found him along the Erie Canal, at Independence Dam last night. He wanted so badly to be rescued, he almost decided to swim across the canal to get to them. His name is Erie, he's been bathed and brushed, vaccinated, tested, wormed and is now in June's Room. We moved the 4 other newbies (the orange tiger, orange/white, calico and brown tiger/white) to June's Room last night and Erie joined them this morning. The 4 newbies will probably get their names today.

We had boxes last night!

  • Chris D.: 32 pack of Friskies
  • Kitkat45: banana catnip toys & Chiradeli choclates for the volunteers
  • Anonymous: Q-tips and banana catnip toys
  • newfiedogmom: incline scratching board
  • stevienicks60: very nice letter, Reese’s, Snausages for the dogs, Einstein (bird) treat, and Friskies cans of food
  • AnnaMarie and Neil: Thanksgiving Card

The volunteers truly appreciate your gifts also. Makes them feel appreciated! And I appreciate your support of the volunteers and rescue center. Please keep voting--we're still #1.

Don't forget! If you plan on doing any holiday shopping at Amazon, use the link to on our blog or website and the rescue center will get a small percentage of your total purchase as a referral fee. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and turns every gift for your loved ones into an additional gift for the rescue center. Thanks! -Kurt