Friday, November 11, 2011

Community Day

Our new cat, Anony is doing very well. Some of you have seen him on the facebook. A couple more days and we'll let him be out and about with the others. He's a fun sleeper. Sleeps in strange positions and sometimes stretched out as far as he can go! Kurt has finished with the actual making of all the new cat shelves and cat sleeping boxes. Now, he'll be staining and putting on a spar urethane finish. Getting closer to when the Cove cats will be coming up to Kitty City. Remo continues to do well. His sutures will be removed tomorrow. We have been having a fundraiser where we've been selling coupons for Elder-Beerman's big Community Day. The actual sale is today and tomorrow. The volunteers have been helping in selling the coupons. Also at Foods for Living, we are having an ongoing fundraiser. If anyone donated $1, they write their name on a card with an FFRC cat's picture and it's hung up on the wall. If they donate $5 or more, their name goes onto a sticker on a fuzzy mouse that is then hung on a Christmas tree. We hope to have a whole Christmas tree full of mice! Foods for Living is on Jefferson St. here in Defiance. Cassi, Chia and Claudius are little play machines with each other--constant whirl of grey fur running by! Dhana, Cessna and Weasley are another fun three-some. They're either eating, napping or usually in constant play motion! There's a lot of great energy here in the Rescue Center. Bella continues to love her baby food jars. I believe she licked 3 jars out yesterday (these are not full jars, but she cleans out the extra food we don't spoon out). One of the prettiest kittens here is Derby. He is so sleek, shiny and has a beautifully marked coat. Kurt Williams neck is just fine again. I'm beginning to think he just wants to have his collar on all the time! Judy S. (volunteer) brought her 4 cats in yesterday for ear cleaning and nail trimming. We got to see Ebbe, Peeka, Thomas and Essjay. They look wonderful. The new floor in the big office and new addition is wonderful. Looks good and sweeps/mops so nicely. We're saving our pennies so that we can do the main area!

We had boxes last night! Many thanks for these gifts. This helps us so much!
Deb B--4 boxes of litter
Don E (cegull)--3 cases of Friskies
Speedy--copy paper & envelopes
The Bubbas--coupons galore!
Anonymous-4 bottles of hand sanitizers

We also received a few letters/cards:
GwenCooper & Hummerfan with a donation in honor of a friend
Sharon/Better, with their kitties Missy, Sweetpea, Angel & Amigo-a card for Remo's recovery
Selky & Blue (from Nova Scotia)--donation and beautiful pictures

We love getting postcards from the webcammers, designating something from where they live! We are collecting these and posting them to our cork board.
Jobolove--from Michigan
Dave & Cyndi--from CA