Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mark your calendars for 9/15/12

Remember to mark your calendar for the future concert date of September 15, 2012. That's when Mike Chamberlin, the Singing TV Guy will be here. He'll be doing a BIG outside concert on that evening. We'll have big tents up and will have a lot of fun. To show our appreciation to the webcam viewers, Mike has offered to do a mini-concert on webcam the evening before! So...mark your calendars, have some popcorn for the evening and be ready for a fun filled weekend! We will probably have our next Catathon in June instead of July for 2012. The cats in Kitty City are doing wonderful. I checked them late last night and all were snug and sleepy! I love it in the winter how they all become friends and snuggle together. Our new black/white cat has a name. Everyone commented on how cute his toes and paws, his name is Pawsome! We had an adoption yesterday--Wiffin went to his new home. The 2 boys and their mom was so excited! We also now have Cobbis on hold. He will leave the morning of Thanksgiving. The home he's going into is awesome and he will have lots of love given to him. Jodi, our volunteer, is officially adopting Wonder. That means all 3 of those litter-mates are now adopted. Tweeny has a family in Colorado that is interested in her. They are quite willing to make the trip here to adopt her. More later on that. Kiara is always Bella's extra good friend in the mornings as Bella will share her baby food jar with Kiara. Nougie was out quite a bit last night playing with the other kittens. He is really growing. Mary Katherine, the worried kitten that Kate adopted is doing great and enjoying her Arizona home.

We had boxes last night...lots of boxes!

  • Laura H: a case of Senior Friskies
  • Suean: a case of Friskies and 25 lbs of litter
  • Anonymous: 14 lb. of litter & a case of Fancy Feast Classic
  • Siamesemich and Eli: great variety of cat toys, lots of various dry and canned cat food, and blankies for Kitty City
  • Mr.Bakerskatz: pine sol, bleach and sanitizing wipes
  • Catlady and Contessa: Pringles for Racer, temptation cat treats, meow mix wet food, pillowcases, candy for volunteer's treat drawer, 3 cat pins/2 cat figurines for Jacci (I love them!), and mega
  • amount of Styrofoam plates and paper towels
  • Mark, Andi, Erin, Cory E., and Tucker (was Doodle): toys, Purina One dry food
  • littleonemine: Fruit of the month, Honeycrisp Apples
  • quayside (Elaine and Willis): doggie treats--Beggin' Strips
  • CatCruzer: 3 boxes of Whoopie Pies for the volunteers (extra delicious treats)
  • Pescha from New Zealand: a postcard and NZ vitamin treats and a letter!

Thanks all for your votes! A few more weeks to go. Sure hope we can hang on to our lead!

Denae (Dugster's sister!)