Friday, November 4, 2011

Remo starts recovery

What a busy day for our little new arrival, Remo. Pam (a volunteer) picked him up around 10:15 AM to take to Dr. Pettigrew's office in Bryan for his leg amputation and neutering. He arrived with a very high fever which took a little time to bring down. His surgery was done by Dr. Amanda who did an awesome job. I went and picked him up for his return home, and we got back about 5:00 PM. He had a bit of a rough night, but this morning is doing much better. He woke up hungry and ate 2 breakfasts! We will keep him in Patience's Pen where we can keep a close eye on him. He's a wonderful boy. I was asked if his leg couldn't have been saved, but the answer to that is, unfortunately, no. The fracture was a complete fracture of his ankle, one of the worst I've ever seen. But, he's going to be fine and happy and will soon be romping around. Tomorrow is our big surgery day. we're ready for it! As soon as all these surgeries are done, I'll get the kittens on Petfinder as fast as I can. Paddy and his Traveling Box has been busy. After leaving the rescue center, his first stop was London, then Scotland. Next stop was Wales and now Paddy is in Burnley, Lancashire. What a traveling boy he is! Nuki's injury to the leg is almost healed. We had a kitten returned yesterday. Bumblebee is back and doing great. The family took wonderful care of her and I appreciate them returning her to the rescue center. She's already out and about and playing big time this morning. The 4 kittens Shael, Sage, Kozo and Zoom will be out of their room after they recover from their surgeries on Saturday. Stacey brought her big dog Bailey to work today. The cats love him and several have been trying to take rides on his back! He doesn't mind at all. Dhana is so brave--she thinks nothing of climbing way up high on the cat furniture even though it worries us. Tasco has been helping to groom the kittens. Farrah is still taking her medication just fine and still no seizures. Keep it up, Farrah! Fozzy and Preakness have become good friends and tussle a lot while playing. Tugger is coming along. He's slowly adjusting to the rescue center.

We have big thanks to give:
  • Sabrina T. Cat & Cantoncat: Temptation treats
  • Cyndi & David M: batteries (something is coming to go with these batteries!)
  • Kaymargo: 3 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten food
  • alicejgamble: $ donation, cards for Bella & Putter & catnip toys

All is fine here at the rescue center. I am so appreciative of your votes. We are still #1--that's just astounding to me! Keep voting please. The last day to vote is 12/17. If we win this money, we would love to put it towards the new floor in the main area of the rescue center as the old floor continues to peel up every day. Kurt continues his work in Kitty City as he makes the shelves for this building. The 16 cats are still in Cat's Cove, but when the weather turns cold and wet, we'll be moving them to the comfort of Kitty City.