Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep Voting!

Cabbage continues to do well at his new home with Mitty. If you haven't checked out Kurt's flickr page lately, you should do so. He's added a lot of new pictures recently. We had another web cam visitors yesterday! It was very nice to have you here, dlc. Tugger is getting a major groom today. Head to tail, bottom and belly shaved, toenails trimmed and a nice warm blanket. Tugger is the cat that was returned a couple days ago. He decided to come out of his pen last night. He's doing well and has been cruising about the rescue center. The 4 new kittens are also doing well. They have names now. The calico kittens are named Shael and Sage. The torti kittens are named Zoom and Kozo. Sage was named by Mamie, Kozo was named by Bantry and Zoom was named by Sonnykat. We received another postcard that is up on the cork board--it's from North Carolina, sent by CarolinaAsh, a web cam viewer. Putter dressed up for Halloween. He agreed to (briefly) wear his Sheriff's hat. Missa was seen sleeping next to Twinkle yesterday. Please keep voting--we moved up one notch. You all are what's making it happen for us!

Thank you so much for the boxes that we had last night! Loved it!

Bill & Sharon Bubba--2 cases of baby food, Whiskas chicken packets & multi-pack
dlc--fancy feast and food packets
michlynn--volunteer candy, towels
Mary2u--Friskies can food, 3 case
Sondra B--medical tweezers

"What you mean I don't LOOK Happy?" -Happy