Monday, November 7, 2011

A Successful Surgery Day

We are still #1 in the Animal Rescue Site's voting! This is thanks to all of YOUR votes! Let's hold the lead, so PLEASE keep voting! What a very busy weekend we had. First, Friday was spent prepping for our big Saturday surgery day. A lot of paperwork had to be done. Then came Saturday morning, looking at 25 spays/neuters to be completed by the end of the day. Dr. Cindy is awesome--she got the job done by 3:45. Thanks to Dr. Cindy, Bonnie, Lynnette, Sue and Connie for making this happen. In case you're interested in knowing who were spayed/neutered, here's the list: Zaney (my cat), Hudson, Gemini, Shasta, Nougie, Chia, Cassi, Claudius, Dulcy, Noble, Wonder, Marvel, Nebraska, Amera, Adora, CJ, Shael, Sage, Zoom, Kozo, Picasso, Shasta, Wiggles, Rizzo, and Nuki. They all did just fine and by bedtime were all out of their pens. Now, to get them all entered into Petfinder! We took in 1 new cat. Her name is LiLo (pronounced Lie-Low). She's a 1 1/2 yr old beautiful Ragdoll. Her owners no longer wanted her so put her outdoors where a neighbor saw her wandering around. They took her in and contacted a friend of the Rescue Center. She's lovely and very glad to be back indoors. Our other new arrival, Cessna, is doing awesome. What a round belly she has! Such a happy little girl and already an expert at purring. Remo is doing really well. His balance continues to improve and so he's enjoying playing again. This morning he was sleeping with the stuffed monkey that Mrsohiopeepers got for Bella. He had his head on the monkey's head--so cute. Farrah continues to do well--no seizure activity for quite some time now. She seems to be a bit uncoordinated at times, especially when she's jumping. After talking to Dr. Cindy about this, she feels this is not medicine related, but probably due to the same neurological issues that cause her seizures. So...truly, all is fine with Farrah. I checked Bella's stump area again today (as I do every day) and it looks terrific. I want to say the washer and dryer is still wonderful. It's so nice to be able to do all these loads of laundry and not become frustrated. Kurt worked all day the last 2 days again in Kitty City-getting the catwalk shelves and cat sleeping boxes done. We have a beautiful week for the cats to still be in Cat's Cove, but we all know how fast our weather changes. Paul has also worked 2 full days here this weekend--lots of projects going on here. Many thanks to Speedy who sent the Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken packs on Friday. Sure do appreciate it. Kurt told me the end of October's monthly total for Amazon Associates and Google AdSense accounts comes to $1062.75. Isn't this awesome?! We will add this to our floor project. Thanks all for what you do for us.

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Shasta, Air Guitar Master