Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bella gets tough

Bella is doing great. I checked out her stump last night and it definitely appears to be "toughening" up. It's been 3 weeks now since her surgery. We have been moving cj around a bit to encourage her to explore the rescue center and she's doing better now, much braver. Putter's tail is starting to grow in from his tail injury. Emaline bathed and comforted many kittens on the marshmallow yesterday. She deserves a gold crown! The 4 new kittens, Shael, Sage, Zoom, and Kozo, are doing terrific. They are so friendly, purring the second you touch them and are playing as little kittens should. Lisa commented this morning that their purrs vibrated the room! They are now out of their big pen in Thumper's Room and are enjoying the floor space to play in. A couple more days and we'll bring them up to the main area. Badu, Ada Jane and several kittens especially enjoy the dripping from the faucet. Badu will stay under the drips until she is wet. It's her fun thing! Tugger got a major groom yesterday. He's completely brushed/combed out, nails cut and bottom trimmed. He looks great and is enjoying all the TLC he's getting. We had 12 cats/kittens that needed treatments yesterday (vaccinations, dewormings, second leukemia tests, flea prevention). Got it done and now have the treatment board caught up. The cats are already looking forward to Thanksgiving as they know they'll be getting turkey.

We had boxes to open last night. Thank you so very much for your support and helping our cupboards get restocked.

  • Mary2u: Royal Canin kitten can food, 2 boxes of 40 lb litter
  • Elaine/Willis Quayside: Halloween candy for our TLC volunteer drawer
  • Deb1111: Gerber baby food, 2 cases Friskies can food
  • Anonymous: 2 cases Friskies can food

I need to pass on information about our Chelan. I'm so sorry to tell you, but she passed away around midnight last night. I kept her in the house with me to keep an eye on her. She steadily went downhill, but was held and comforted during her last hours. Such a beautiful kitten, inside and out--lovely spirited baby. Such a sad thing to have happen. We want them all to survive and live a good long life. It isn't always to be though. I talked to one of our vets yesterday about her--it was agreed that supportive care was all that could be done. We always ask the question--what caused her death. Sometimes we simply just don't know the cause. For me, I have to accept it, treasure that she was here, try and learn something from it and then continue on with the work that we do, even with a sad heart. Thank you all for caring about her. Even though you are not physically here, I can still feel your compassion for what we do here.