Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday. July 23

I laughed so hard yesterday, my sides hurt.  I have to confess--Trucker loves the farmyard.  A good friend, a couple weeks ago introduced Trucker to the wonderful world of peacocks out on the farm yard. And now.......he can't get enough! He and I both enjoy this time.  I carry him out by the shelter house, put him down and tell him--come on, let's go!  He races to the gate and can't wait. It's all about the game--Find the Peacock and then Teach Them A Lesson.  Remember this is the cat that wanted to "have it on" with the pitbull dog a couple months ago. Sweet dog, but Trucker didn't know that at first--he was gonna protect his cat friends here in the rescue center! He has no fear. Anyway--he looks around to find the peacocks, then zooms up to them, puffs his chest out, stands up tall and then it happens---he tries to whack them.  Even Shawn and Sean the two big boss peacocks.  He then turns around, goes off, and then charges them again.  Peacocks look down at him like he's such a bother. But in Truckers mind--he's won the battle!  He goes so very fast I cannot keep up with him.  Don't let anyone ever say that this cat has a handicap! He'll puff his chest out at you too and come after you!!  lol

We have thanks to give! 
Mich & Vern--donation to help with Spencer's future surgeries
JustMe, visitor for a day (will be back!)--she just said "stuff" and we say thanks!
David P from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Alan & Marlene C from NY--day visitor--donation to FFRC
LostGirl/Debbie--replenished our Od-Ban needs
Rose & RIch from Iowa, visitors--PT, paper plates 6 in & 10 in,m Clorox wipes.
Connie/Rose's cousin--kitty color book w/pens, 2 kitty shacks/blankets
Tina--day visitor--bleach, vinegar, laundry sp, paper plates, rug, tuna, windex, Mr. Clean, sponges, baby wipes, toys, snackers, vol snackers

We have a new little kitty boy.  His name is Spencer (a Name a Cat name). A wonderful lady took in a very pregnant cat. She had her kittens in May. One of them (Spencer) was born with deformed back legs. He was brought here two days ago. The mama and kittens already have a neuter/spay date scheduled.   Spencer's birthday is 5/26/16. He's a very cute grey tiger/white. One of his rear legs is completely disengaged at the hip so is 100% useless--no attachment there. And no pain level either meaning there's no nerve receiving messages.  The other leg is completely frozen in a V shape. The toes have no feelings at all but he seems to have pain in the hip area when he plays with the kittens in the back Thumper's Room.  The V leg sticks out at a very bad angle and catches on things.  The other leg can actually get wrapped into things as it's like a lanky string. He will be scheduled for 2 surgeries to remove these legs when he's a tad bit bigger.  He wants to zoom about but it's difficult. He is mobile but I can already envision how fast he'll be when he's streamlined..and no pain.  

Three days ago our sweet Hensley had a very bad seizure. It was a full seizure. We are keeping track. This is the first seizure since he's been on PB's.  It could be a break thru seizure. A few break thrus are ok, not wanted but it doesn't mean things are out of control.  If he continues there's more we can do.  In the meantime, we keep the med close by for immediate additional help. Right now he's sleeping in my lap--part of his normal morning routine.  

Remember tomorrow starts our Fun-raiser for technical needs. And the 8 items are all super awesome!  Check out the video that will be on the cam and the fb information. Thank you!

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It's free, can do daily, runs to Jan. 4th.  We are currently in second place in the Devotion category and second place overall!  I very much appreciate your support and so do the cats! 

Have a wonderful weekend.  Stay cool---I know many are in the same heat intense days that we are in.  And be sure pets have cool fresh water and shade if they are outside.