Thursday, July 7, 2016

Super busy day we had yesterday.  We'll try and help you get caught up!
Yesterday, we took Amelia and Vivienne to the vet's for appointments. Thanks to Martha L for driving them there and back!

Amelia--She has had so many issues which has caused me concern.  Dr. Darcy and I had agreed that any kitten that showed "differences", we would quarantine and have their blood work done, specifically looking for FIP.  We are being cautious and want to never ever repeat what happened last year with Fancy.  I know many rescues/shelters would just euthanize these troublesome kittens and I also realize there is a cost involved in doing these tests. FFRC is choosing to go ahead with the testing. These are also excellent learning experiences for us.  Good news--negative for FIP. Amelia's immune system is just not top-notch yet, so we will continue to help her with this.

Vivienne--wow---good news!  Her urinalysis results were good and more importantly, her ultrasound on her kidneys is good!  Super wonderful!  Remember at the beginning there was concern of chronic kidney troubles for her. But....not any more! Her last two ultrasounds have been just perfect. Her initial troubles had to be from the injury to her kidneys from the car accident she was involved in.  Her kidneys now are healed and no worries! And her hip is also good from her surgery. Vivienne is now available for adoption!

We've heard from the family that adopted Poppy.  She is doing good in her new home. She made herself right at home and loves her carrot toy that we sent! She is very sweet.  So glad to hear this!

Flash Sale!  Flash Sale!  We have a Mich Flash Sale coming up on July 12, Tuesday at 2:30 ish.  

As you all know we are kitty-sitting for Meow, the white short hair cat. She was adopted from FFRC and came here to stay while her mom and dad went to China to visit family. She came on May 8 and will now be leaving soon---close to 7/23.  She's been a real joy to have here. 

We are also kitty-sitting for Lucy and Tyger--two 4 year old cats that belong to a lady who needed some help with them while she recoveries from medical issues. She is hoping in a couple months that they will be coming back to her. So, we will help with kitty-sitting for these two cats. Lucy is black/white (17 lbs) and Tyger is tiger/white (14 lbs).  Many thanks to Nikka for doing the transport for them to get to FFRC. Right now, they are in the back Thumper's Room acclimating to us. Nice cats!

Bonnie is doing so good! Physically and mentally she is "back" to us. What a scare and traumatic experience she had.  She survived cardiac/respiratory arrest and a full day of seizures two days later.  She is now eating, playing and enjoying life! The one thing we have noticed is that she does not appear to see. I've talked to Dr. Darcy about this and we're hoping still for some recovery on this. What a gem she is!  In the meantime, we're hoping Elsie isn't teaching her all of those tricky things that Elsie does! 

Arnold is doing great.  He's the young grey/white kitten that was found in a store by himself. He's still a little shy but is now out and about and playing with the kittens! He's so handsome!

Livingston--he's still battling his bottom problems, but we are still treating him for this. And the good thing is---he's growing each day. That means if he does have to have corrective surgery, we're getting closer to an acceptable surgery weight for him!

New cats have come in:
Destiny--a beautiful brown tiger/white kitten, about 6 months old. Her birthday is 1/4/16. Strange thing---she does not appear to be spayed but is declawed all 4.  She has the cutest brown nose mask! She was simply found by a family and brought here to FFRC. Her ears have severe infections but we are working on that every day. 

Anthony--a sweet beige kitten, 8 weeks old. He arrived after being found running around in a local bank's parking lot, seeking attention from people.  He has a slight URI and severe earmites. His birthday is 5/11/16. 

We also took in a litter of 5 kittens. Mama will have appt with HumaneOhio to be spayed. These kittens will test your ability to know who is who!  They are 9 weeks old with their birthday as 5/4/16. 
Frisky--American Short Hair (ASH) brown tiger/4 white feet, male
Koda--black with white tummy, little white diamond on neck, male
Roberta, Cathy & Christine-females, all black with little white tummy, white diamond on neck

All the above names are from Name a Cat names. Good luck with all of them!  lol

We had another adoption yesterday! Kerswill & Tom adopted Shawnee, our beautiful long hair black cat. She traveled with no problems. She and Domino hopefully will be good friends!

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