Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weds, July 6

Whew---we made it thru all the firecrackers and big booms. Many of the cats do not like this. The Porchies are particularly glad all that racket is done.  They are doing fine now and relaxed again! But, we're still grateful for the meaning of our Independence celebration.

We had our Transport Spay/Neuter Day yesterday with HumaneOhio! I just love these spay/neuter days!  We sent 33 cats to HumaneOhio!  When we were almost done with check-ins, I looked at the large amount of crates and was thrilled with the thought---these cats will not ever be a part of the overpopulation problem of cats! It was a good feeling.  Of the 33 cats, 18 were females and 15 were males.  Adding to that in the last couple weeks, were 6 cats that we gave Vouchers for---3 males and 3 females.  That brings our total spays/neuters that we've been a part of to 306!!!!  172 spays/134 neuters.  I want to do more of these!

We've had 2 adoptions.  First, sweet Friedricha was adopted on Saturday. Her new name is Sophie and she is adjusting super well! She's a happy girl!  Fatima was adopted yesterday. Her new name is Saffron Fatima. She did just fine on her trip to her new home and is already doing her "licking thing" to her new mama! 

We had a friend of FFRC bring us a cat over the weekend. They were having a family picnic and a cat that they had seen a few weeks before that came up to them and made friends. She was brought here, tested, vaccinated, etc.   All was good. We also discovered that she was declawed  and already spayed. She also was severely matted and had to have much of her beautiful fur shaved off.  This friend and family decided they would like to have her as their indoor cat! So, her name is Erica and she is now inside and welcomed into their home!

Big happy birthday to Jersey, August and Jackson. They and their Covie friends all had lots of chicken to celebrate!

We are grateful to these folks for their donations:
Katie S from UK--donation for the King of the wheel, Jackson and in honor of his birthday
Gusti--donation in honor of birthdays for August, Jackson and Jersey
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Nona from NY--donation for our spay/neuter fund
Minnkitty--donation in honor of Jersey's birthday

Our window replacements are wonderful!  The new window in Kitty Campus Room, although the same size is clear and bright! Let's in lots more light and it's so easy to raise up and down!  The little bitty window that was by the other side of the Main Area is now a huge window! And it's very low to the floor so the cats can easily see out. The light that it lets in is amazing---we all love it already! We've also rearranged that side of the Main Area to create a more open middle area. The cats sure seem to like it. 

Today Vivienne will go to the vet's office for another ultrasound and urinalysis. This will givwe us, hopefully, an update on her kidneys. We're hoping for a good report!  

We now have foster kittens Amelia, Schinn and Zino back here at FFRC.  Zino looks alot like Djak. Zino though, sports a little white tummy.  Schinn looks alot like Hamilton but their white areas on their throats are different.  Schinn's is more on the upper chest while Hamilton's is more on his throat.  

Peggy S, our foster mama, has another new baby to care for. Her name is Shema and she is a little tiger kitten. More later on her!

We also took in another kitten.  His name is Arnold (a Name a Cat name) and he is grey and white.  He was brought here on 7/1. He's a little shy but ever so cute. Arnold also sports 4 white paws! He was found in a store here in Defiance--the owners have no idea how he got in. His bierthday is 4/29/16.  

Cagney is doing better. He too came in a little shy but is improving. And can that boy purr! His purrer must be well-lubed, because he sure can purr loudly! He's the little black tiger and white kitten, birthday is 4/25/16.

Hey, folks, we need to talk about privacy.  You all know how careful I am---I never give out last names. I never ever forward on an email or any information without approval from that person.  I feel this is very important in our FFRCNation.  Last week, someone passed on someone's name and info of a past adoptive person of FFRC to another person.   Please.....let's not do that.  If someone needs private info, that request should come to me by email and I will ask if it's an okay-thing to do. Many people do NOT want their info given out and that is completely understandable. We need to be respectable of this privacy thing.  Thank you---I'm sure you understand.

Jones is doing great.  He has only had a couple of his "funny" things this past week.  He absolutely adores to be held and loved on. He spends a lot of time in Paw-Mart. He and Sea Turtle do quite well together.  Woody and Chuckie are also doing great and are growing. Watch
out if you give them chciken--they become big lions protecting their food!  Livingston is maintaining---I do not feel he is over his bottom problem. But in the meantime, he continues to grow and play. 

Elsie has a thought for you all today----"friends are those who will pick you up when no one else has noticed you've fallen".  Take care and enjoy this beautiful day!