Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday, July 17

Happy Sunday to you all!  It's a terrific day.  Kitties are playing. Cats are being silly too. Porchies, Barnies, Covies and FireCats have all checked in this morning and are fine too! Even the farm animals look content.  It helps when the weather is cooler. We have 4 new young chickens (3 hens and 1 rooster). They too are doing good and are growing. Won't be long until they are free roaming with the rest of the chickens! 

We had BOXES last night. I'm ever so grateful for your support.
Kelly R--2 kitty bowl scratchers
Anonymous Friend--Fancy Feast appetizers
Dave/Chris/CD_Cats with Miyu, Yuki & Anya for a Fun-draiser  3 kindle Fire Tablets with cases (orange from Miyu, Blue from Yuki and Pink from Anya)
Robin/pnope--pretty flower rug
Beth/eaglewatcher--squeaky toys & Fun Run Tunnel.  For Catstock: tie dye pencils, light up rings, tattoos, crayons & activity books, tie dye table covers
Pam/zoolove for Catstock: stampers for tattoos, slap bracelets, Mardi Gras Beads, lots of pencils
Mr. & Mrs. Medic 101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Vaun & Chinn, visiting mods--7 bags Purina One, 8 cases appetizers, case of water
Heather--visitor--bleach, litter, vinegar, lysol, soap, canned food, snackers and cookies
Vicki B--6 bags Baby Cat dry food, (rescued from Sevaun!)

We also had BOXES on Thuirsday evening! Many, many thanks!
Butterfly Class from Belgium--Belgium seashell chocolates, kitty cards made by kids to hang up, 2 snackers, 10 dolls made by the 10 students and 2 dolls made of towels/washcloths (very neat!)

Robin H/pnope with her kitties--case of Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 2 snackers, 3 pkgs coil toys, 12 mylar balls,c at dancer, scratcher bed, fleece bed, 3 tubs Lysol wipes

Beth/eaglewatcher--4 tubes Gooferr paste for giving meds
Kerswill--2 fun tunnels---1 inside/1 for the Covies
Jatcat--for Magic: sparkle balls!  He's a happy boy now!
Pat, Thurs vol--cat food, soap & jingle balls
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 7th BD Debut, 6th Zelda, 9th SoyBoy & Timothy, 10th Olaf. Each received their $5 chicken dollars1

Big thanks too for these folks that helped us with the surgery food from yesterday: Joyce D (pizza), Gusti (drinks) and Pablo (pies for desert). 

We had our surgery day yesterday and all went super! 
The boys that were neutered were: Arnold, Anthony, Frisky, Koda, Felix and Olle.  We did not do Livingston (will wait another month and let his injured hiney parts heal some more---looking better!)
The girls that were spayed were: Violet, Milly, Blossom, Destiny, Cathy, Bertha, Thelma and Nala (Nala is a new cat for granddaughter Ashlyn--she found her last week and wanted her spayed).  We did not do Christine and Roberta--they are still a bit light-weighters! 

Dr. Darcy did a physical on Tyger, Lucy and Classy.  All were good.  She also thinks Jones is very sweet! Dr. Darcy also looked at Bonnie and also feels she is blind......but, we are not stopping our thinking there. We are still thinking that with time, it's possible for some of her sight to return.  

Here's our grand total so far for 2016 surgeries that FFRC has been a part of:  We are now at 320 surgeries! We have done 180 spays and 140 neuters!  This just thrills me and am hoping to greatly increase these numbers.

Gustwiller's Electric were here yesterday to help us accomplish another part of our Catathon goals! They tapped into the electric box at The House That Jonah Built and then trenched a line from there to the FireHouse for the FireCats.  It was a rather long way to go as they had to go back and around the playground due to all the cement in the front.  We now have a 4-plug in unit for the FireHouse and a real light that we cans witch on and off.  No more flashlights! It was so nice to have this light to use this morning!  The plugs will help immensely with the heated water bowl for winter and the heat source for the FireHouse! So we can now check off another goal done!  I believe this week the furnace will be placed in THTJB!

Felix, the newest CH cat is now in the Main Area. He is one handsome boy and is adjusting nicely.  Chloe's not too sure of him but is doing better today with his "presence".  He is starting to play with Magic and a couple other cats! We also have the 2 new "kitty-sitting' cats --Lucy and Tyger--up in Main Area, although for now they are choosing to stay in the Kitty Kabana.  Lucy is much more relaxed and just cruises about. Tyger is more reserved and is taking things in but sure does love to give head rubs! 

In the back Thumper's Room, we still have Anthony, Olle, Frisky, Koda, Roberta, Cathy, Christine and Destiny. A bit longer and they will be coming up to the Main Area too. 

Remember---everything looks better with cat hair on it...........go hold some cats!