Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday, July 12

Hot, humid, no rain and flat cats---that's what summer is here for July so far.  

We had BOXES last night!  YOU are appreciated!
Billie K--8 cans Tuna, 8 cans salmon, 6 cases baby food
Plee9--4 cases Purrfectly chicken
Zoolove--case of baby food
Lostgirl & Linda G--5 beautiful kitty totes made for FFRC--flash sale?  raffle?!
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Trudy S from OH--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil--Sunday visitors--4 PT, 1 gal. vinegar, Halo dry cat food, 2 boxes fruit bars
Eric & Carrie--Sunday visitors--cloroxwipes, G2 drinks, Gingersnaps (for horses!), bag of syringes, tuna, 44 cans Friskies, 12 meow mix tenders, juice/punch drinks for vols, 400 6 in plates, 180 9 in plates.  Cookies! More cookies ! and even animal crackers!

We've heard from Heather who adopted 3 of our cats. They are doing great and their pictures sure look like happy cats! They are Sambert (now Samuel), Olympia (now Olivia) and Kip (now Mister).  

Also thanks to these folks for their help:
Gusti--donation for summer and surgery water, juice, pop
Midwestern Girl, daughter, niece are visiting this week---brought many items for FFRC!
Sara H from WI--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji from Netherlands--donation in honor of little Koda. 
Olga B & Marno C (& Fred & Sasja) from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Deb11111--donation in honor of Phil for showing the Paddy Boys on cam!

We took in a new kitten 2 days ago.  His name is Olle (a Name a Cat name).  He has a very torqed / crooked neck. He's a little beige/white kitten, about 7 weeks old.  His birthday is 5/22/16. He was found all by himself and brought here to FFRC.  What a sweet boy. Along with his crooked neck, his rt. eye lid is also extremely raised.  we are working on both issues & he will have a physical on Saturday by Dr. Darcy.

This Saturday is our surgery date for FFRC's kittens. We have quite a few spays and a few neuters for FFRC.  More later after our list is made up!

Yesterday we had the 100 gallon propane tank delivered for the incoming furnace for The House that Jonah Built.  The past way we heated THTJB did not work. The new furnace also arrived yesterday but is not installed yet until next week. This furnace will do the job beautifully for heating THTJB.  A bit pricier than expected, but we will work on that.  After the installation of the furnace, then the gas company comes back to do a gas line safely check.

Cagney is doing so much better---his shyness is leaving him. He's right now chasing a ping pong ball all over the purple office.  Trucker, paddy Purr, Sarge, Hamilton, Zelda and Kiara are all laying around the desk---storing up energy to be active and crazy today!

Felicity is doing her daily "thing"--following Lisa around room to room! Hensley has buried himself under a big blankie for his morning nap! Livingston is streaking by as he just runs room to room, just for the fun of it. 

Remember.........today at 2:30 ish is the Mich and Vern Flash Sale! We have some really nice items to show you! 

Cutie says:  "sometimes talking to your best friend is all the therapy one needs."  Remember if you come and visit--sit, relax and let the cats climb into your lap.  You can tell them anything and they will just love you for talking to them!