Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday, July 10

What a beautiful morning---just warm, not hot (yet!) and lower humidity.  The birds are singing and the outside cats are fed and happy.

We had BOXES Thursday evening. We're so very grateful for these gifts!
Maria/snoopybaby & Preakness--HB card to Preakie--5 lg bags kitty snackers for all of her friends here, $20 for lots of chicken. Photos of Prekness, her sisters, her doggie brother/Duke & her Daddy
Billy K--10 bags Party Mix snackers, case Fancy Feast, case Friskies, 2 bags RC Babycat, 12 cans chicken, 100 13 gal. trash bags. 
Donna/knittinkitten--for the Vols--3 boxes Fruit snacks, box of 32 Grandma's cookies
Diana & Amy--OH--foam plates, microwave bowls, batteries, sponges, kitty wipes, snackers
MLS--3 lg bags Purina One
Leanne from Canada/visitor!--case of water, Tuna, turkey pkts, q-tips, kitty snackers, doggie snackers, 40 lb bird seed, calgon gift boxes for consolation prizes
Laura/PA--lots and lots and lots of stuff---many wonderful items!!  
Francis T from TX--peacock card with Donation
Clark, Jessie & the rest--HB 5th to Preakness, HB 8th to Lucy Ann, HB 8th to Jersey, HB 3rd to Jackson & Jersey---all with their $5 chicken money!
MacnCheeseDoodlesmom---page point markers!
LJ---our visitor!---she says just to say she brought "stuff"!!

And more thanks too--
Thomas W--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to welcome new kitty, Anthony.
Michael JW--donation to FFRC

I've been working hard on staying up on the Name a Cat name.  I try to get each name used.  If you have made a name and it's been quite a while, don't hesitate to email me to check on the status.  Thank you.  

Bonnie is doing wonderful. Today we noticed what a nice round tummy she has! Just a sweetie pie who is building her confidence up to play despite her sight restrictions.  Still hoping for improvements in that area. All other areas are healed and back to normal for her!

Little Arnold is getting so brave now and more confident. He's here on my desk purring away. He loves to play. Lucy and Tyger are also much more relaxed.f They love to be petted and have their backs scratched.  

Destiny's ears are being treated twice daily and are much better.  She is one very pretty girl! Little Anthony is a play machine---everyone is his friend to rock and roll with! The 5 siblings--Frisky, Koda, Roberta, Cathy And Christine are doing great. They have good appetites and are everywhere in the room playing.  This group of cats is still in the back Thumper's Room yet. 

Currently, FFRC is in 6th place this week for ResQwalk! And as of right now, we have walked, ran, biked our way to $466.85!  Many thanks!

Please remember to continue to vote at  I appreciate every vote. This is a long contest of voting---goes till Jan. 4th.  Please remember the rules---you can vote once daily! 

People have told me that they've heard we never say no to anyone trying to get their cat or kitten in here at FFRC.  I need to correct this. We probably get (this time of year), 30 calls a DAY to take in more, more and more. It's utterly impossible for that to happen.  Because we are a no-kill rescue, we do not euthanize to "make room for more".  But every phone call that we receive, we try to give helpful ideas/information about how to help their cat or kittens. We do care, but there's no way one rescue center can handle all of the cats that want to come in. And THAT is why spaying/neutering is so important. There are simply not enough homes. If everyone could reach out and spay/neuter one more cat, it would make a HUGE difference! Help be a part of the solution---spay and neuter. 

Hensley says---no more seizures!  Since we've started his PB meds twice daily, he hasn't had any seizures. I've noticed Farrah and Hensley's been talking about "these things"! Vernon has been awesome--he seems very happy.  While Merri certainly misses Elizabeth, she is doing ok.  She's been allowing others to pet her more and seems to be enjoying it. She's always at her certain station for breakfast every single morning! 

Remember Tuesday about 2:30 ish is the Mich and Vern Flash Sale.  We have not had one for quite a while, so there's lots involved!  There will be a few short breaks! The kitties will be awaiting your viewing pleasures after the Flash Sale! Have fun and thanks for the support!