Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 28

WOW!  Wonderful! Awesome!  It was a magnificent evening with our July Fun-Raiser! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It takes so many people to make these things work.  The items that are donated, the tickets that are purchased, the PR on our cam chat and FB pages, the ticket counting, the notes being kept, the packing up of items---I am very grateful.  A big huge heartfelt thank you to you all. 

Here's the results:
Item A--Keurig, won by EarthEyes and donated to Angie M  $310
Item B--Blue Kindle, won by Donnajb, returned to FFRC for another sale   $175
Item C--Pink Kindle, won by Lynnette     $165
Item D--Kindle Paperwhite, won by Madisonpepper    $195
Item E--iPad Air2, won by Kimkost    $1,375
Item F--iPhone6--won by anonymous for reuse    $890
Item G--SurfacePro3--won by GerriCross   $1,550
Item H--Canon Camera--won by Fluffygambler     $1,120

This came to a total of $5,780.  We had bump ups---so appreciated--
Bellabell & Keith, Minnkitty, EarthEyes, Wolfpatch, Farmgirl and Joco.  
Our total then came to.....are you ready for it??!!   $6,005    I wish I could pass out 6,005 hugs!

This special Fun-Raiser was designated to be our tech-help.  It will go towards all of the computer things, internet, cams--all the things that are needed to keep our equipment up and running smoothly. 

We also had Consolation Gifts! These went to: Joco, Barb Wil, luvtheanimals, squeekymom, Judy & Phil, Tom W, janetsch, Carl Pit (donated to Pat P!), christom, wandiful, pckrbckr, lurkerbea, wickedwings and canton. 

We also had BOXES right before the Fun-Raiser.  Many more thanks--
Billie K--12 tubs of snackers---cats are very grateful too
McPutt/Mike, our CA friend--a beautiful handpainted cap
SVCathy & Scott from CA--4 boxes of lighted Jelly Rings for Catstock
Clark, JEssie and the Rest--Happy 2 Birthday Janessa with her chicken $5

Judeanlee & Marmytoo--donation for vet needs
Carol D from VA--donation to FFRC, in memory of Tiny Toes
3 sisters--from Columbus and Alabama, visitors--kitty snackers, toys, lysol wipes, Purina One, bleach, kitty cube, windex, Dawn sp, cat scratchers, Friskies cans, vol snackers, trash bags

We need to let you know our sad news. Our little Spencer has passed away. The last 2 days have not been the easiest for him although he did play a bit, purred and certainly enjoyed being loved on.  With all his physical problems, we have no idea what was all going on inside of him. He passed away in his sleep, curled up so peacefully with a stuffed toy.  I'm thankful he was here where he knew what love was.

The kittens from the back Thumper's Room are now in the Main Area. We had put them in the Cat's Corner Room for a brief time till they were clamoring to get out and explore. The door opened, they spilled out and now are everywhere!  Wonderful kittens--Thelma, Bertha, Olle, Christine, Cathy, Roberta, Koda, Frisky, Anthony and Livingston. 

We also had 2 adoptions yesterday. They went into seperate homes but the families knew each other very well.  Theron went into a home with a mama that will spoil him as he deserves! And Gustave went.....yes, our Gustave that has been here for a whole year, found his home! He will have a cat friend in the family. Both families are very wonderful pet owners.

We also received our Stevie cat from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is an amazing cat! Many thanks to Julie L our volunteer who did the pick up for us. Stevie is a very handsome black/white with a gorgeous face. He is a very mild CH cat. He at times has the Walter head wobble and when he gets excited a slight clumsy gait. Stevie sure loves the ping pong balls and chases and chases them. Friendly boy!

More adoptions coming up! Livingston is doing pretty good. We have a ways to go to really take care of his problems but we are forging ahead. 

May I say please kind to one another. Be ready to understand and forgive. There is so much turmoil in this world....let's all be patient with one another and open-hearted.  Thank you all too for being a part of this Rescue Center. It means a lot to me.