Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday. July 14

Happy day---it rained last night.  I saw 3 Porchies walking around in it when it was lightly sprinkling.  And then it poured for a short time.  The ducks and geese are very happy! 

Our new flag pole is up and proudly waving! It has a halo at the top that is uses solar energy to light up the flag---it worked! This morning it was lit up!  This is a telescoping flag pole--we have it about 20 feet in the air. Just love it! Many thanks to Donna for this great idea. 
Here's some fun flag facts:
The U.S. Flag, adopted on June 14, 1777, is the fourth oldest national flag in the world.
A flag expert is called a "vexillologist.
The blue field on the U.S. Flag is called the "union."
Memorial Day is to honor all who died in battle. The flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon only.
The U.S. flag should always be treated with the utmost care and respect. Remember, the flag represents a living country and, as such, is considered a living thing. 

Big thanks to Mich and Vern for coming and doing the wonderful Flash Sale on Tuesday! They come and give their time, energy and themselves to doing this! This Flash Sale raised $1,392 for FFRC!

More thanks too!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Midwesterngirl was here this week with daughter and niece---she brought a donation to FFRC that she worked on all year to raise money for FFRC.  Many thanks!
Jane W from TN--donation to FFRC, just because!

We took in 3 more cats in the last couple days.
THELMA and BERTHA!  Thelma is white and black with a left black eye.  Bertha is black and white with a white stripe going up the forehead. Their birthdates are 4/27/16. They were found by themselves---no mama or other siblings. They're very sweet!
FELIX!  Felix is an American Short Hair (ASH), brown tabby. His birthday is 7/10/15 and is a year old. A family had found him (sad story--sorry) at the bottom of a pile where his mama and siblings had died. He was the only survivor. He is also a mild CH---has a head bobble and a lower body wobble. The family that found him can no longer keep him and asked if FFRC would provide a home for him.  Another sweetie boy.

Our surgery list is ready. Surgery is this Saturday and will keep us busy. Here is our list:
Livingston 2.01 (not positive yet on him)
Arnold 2.09
Anthony 2.08
Frisky 2.09
Koda 2.10
Olle  2.01
Felix   (our newest CH boy)

Violet 2.08

Millie  3.00
Blossom  (have to get weight yet!)
Destiny 5.05
Roberta 2.00
Cathy  2.02
Christine (lightweight--will reweigh)
Bertha  3.03
Thelma  3.01

We will also do a physical on Tyger and Lucy, Classy, Jones and Joline. 

Trucker says:  Your love has given the kittens and cats here at FFRC great joy!