Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday, July 30

Tiyani---what a sweetie tiny baby. He was taken to Dr. P's office on 7/27.  The person who picked him up thought at first he had been bitten in the neck by an animal. Upon his physical, it was discovered that he had a cuterebra (sometimes known as the Warbler Worm) in his neck muscle. It was quite large, had to have an incision, removed and several sutures put in with a drainage hole.  His name means Strong in African. Tiyani arrived the evening of 7/27 and his birthday is 6/22/16.  He sure loves to purr!

We have some thanks to give!  We are always very grateful for the support given to us.
Linda H--donated 3 bags of yarn to be given to help with FFRC projects
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Donna B from GA--donation for Coralie sponsorship & to help where needed, in memory of Spencer.
Susan A from MA--donation in memory of Spencer

We also had an update! Milly's new mama wanted to let us know she is doing great. Their other cat Zena and Milly are friends. Milly sleeps with the young son on his bed! The kids like to play with the laser light with her.

Do you like to shop at Amazon?  If you do, remember if you go to our website and click on the Amazon button, you'll be taken to Amazon to order and then FFRC gets a bit of a kick back! Amazon sends this kick back to our account monthly.  For May, we just received $529.18!

Many thanks for your votes at  A person can vote every day! We, at this moment, have 52,965--so wonderful and much appreciated! 

Also at this moment we are in 8th place in ResQwalk with 687 miles.  We have earned $466.85 so far just for walking, running, biking! And it's a free ap! 

We have 5 more adoptions to mention!  Wow---just love these!
First, Frilly left us on 7/28. Another one of the white babies. This sweet cat went to a family with a very nice young man that absolutely knew Frilly was for him.
Then Janessa and Sedona were adopted together on 7/28. A lady had her eye on Janessa for a couple weeks and really wanted a second cat also. We thought Sedona would be a good friend. Her house is big and these two girls will have lots of room to be themselves.  I've already heard back once already and Janessa is in the lap and Sedona loves the porch! 
Violet left 7/29. She went to a mom/dad that has been here several times, waiting for this day to come to take her home. She was much loved before even leaving.
And then today, Anthony was adopted. As what happens often, this family came here looking at a certain cat when another comes up to them and claims them. How do you refuse a cat that will not let you be?  Anthony chose this family and it was so sweet!

Stevie, the newest comer, is doing great. He loves to play. He reminds me so much of Walter with his head sway and the way he eats. Stevie must be part bunny though---his fur is soooo soft. To watch him you will see the pure joy he gets just from playing with toys. He's still learning how to interact with the kittens. He doesn't have a mean bone in him, it's just his roughness in playing that the kittens aren't use to.  He's learning how to get along though! 

Our other newbie, Winston has not arrived yet. At the last moment, his ride fell thru. He's still coming, just have to work out the details. He's waiting for us! 

One of my favorite times is to feed the outside cats in the early morning hours. Every morning, after getting the inside tummies all full, it's time for the outside cats.  The Porcheis come first. They are always eagerly right out the back door, waiting excitedly. There's 12 small plates that go down for them plus a half bag of snackers. Then on to the Firecats. This use to be quite easy as there weren't too many. But this summer, their numbers have climbed. We have, over the summer, trapped them and now all (I believe) are neutered/spayed. Here, 6 large plates are put down and part of a bag of snackers.  The sidewalk that is between the Firecats and the Covies is then filled with the Barnies. Yes, the Barnies have decided to come up that far---the call has reached them and they want their share.  So, there's more plates and more snackers.  After that, I walk go to the Covies. After all, during this process, they have been watching and meowing---don't forget us!  So....they get a whole bag of snackers scattered about and a few more large plates passed around.  18 more cats here and they are always such a joy---happy, happy to have breakfast! On the way back up, empty plates are picked up--breakfast has been thoroughly enjoyed by the four leggeds and the two legged person! 

Monday is another favorite thing---it's our Spay/Neuter Transport day with Humane Ohio.  Check in is 5:30 to 6:00 and check outs are approximately 6:00.  Any day we can do more spays/neuters is a good day!