Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday, July 26

Tomorrow morning at 9:00, our Fun-Raiser will be over.  Then tomorrow evening, we will have BOXES at 5:30 with the drawing at 6:00.  Zelda is already getting gussied up for this event!

We had BOXES on Saturday evening. Many thanks being sent your way!
Scott & Cathy/svcathy--for Catstock: 10 pkgs. Hello Kitty pencils, 4 boxes flashing jelly rings
William & Virginia S from OH--donation in memory of Felicia F.
Zoolove--for Catstock: 70 peace kick balls, 100 stamps, 50 goofy springs, 50 rainbow springs
Annette20--Card with Donation 
Zoeysmomma1 from PA--card with Walmart gift card
Rich & Rose/rosesf6cats--3 day visitors-a thank you card and from their kitty cats
Helen N from OH--donation
Sherwood State Bank--donation for Jean day from Mickey S and the Bank
Lannml--2 big bags Purina One Salmon
Littleonemine from CA--bling TY card, kitty snackers, Welness pkts, FF cans, freeze dried chicken, 2 cases Appetizers, doggie treats, 2 books to share, coupons & forever stamps, volunteer snackers, cute cat magnets

We also have thanks to give to:
Zoolove--for sponsoring the Dunk Tank for Catstock (it's a safe tank--no worries!)
Billie K--to help with Spencer's surgeries
Shannon S from IL--donation to use for spay/neuter fund for those that need assistance
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with Djak and Koda
JustMe/Kathy--donation in honor of Jenny, Brent and their kitties for a wonderful memories.

And a special big thanks to Brent and Jenny who sent FFRC items from their store, with JustMe and Beth on their return trip from their visit.  Lots of and lots of wonderful things--laundry soap, volunteer snackers, sponges, kitty wipes, vinegar, juice, granola bars, lysol wipes, Mr. Clean, K-cup coffees, etc.  I'm  so thankful! 

Cool news----oops, I mean WARM news!  Our new furnace is now installed in The House That Jonah Built!  It's tall and narrow and will do the job of keeping that building warm this winter! The gas tank is also filled and ready. Check---one more goal from our Catathon completed!

And another one is getting close to completion. Our 2 sided new sign for the front yard is now in production. We are so excited.  Thanks to Vaun for all her hard work on this project!  It's a 48 x 48 inch sign. They will come and do the installation themselves. The main part will be a giant logo with the phone number at the bottom in 4 inch size. 

We've had 2 more adoptions!  Milly went to her new home. This family had visited 3 times and was so excited about Milly. They had Milly picked out from the beginning as theirs!  The second one was Destiny. She went to her new mama who is JustMe/Kathy, our moderator. Kathy thinks Destiny, now known as Smudjie will get along wonderful with her other cats. So happy for these two kittens.

And we have 2 more cats coming in the door.  BOth are CH cats.  Here is a little about each:
Winston:  He will be arriving July 29 about 1:30 ish. He is a mild CH cat, and is known as a sweetie and staff favorite. He loves to play and "meep" at the other cats. A talker boy! He's all tested, vaccinated and neutered already. They will be transferring him to us.

Stevie (will have to have a name change! lol--I might get confused between my Steve and Stevie!  Stevie is a mild CH cat. He has been growing up in a vets office and is about 7 months old. He is in Southern Ohio and they will transport most of the way. We will meet them in Lima tomorrow. 

We also have a couple worries about 2 of our kittens. Spencer and Livingston.

Livingston first--his bottom took a turn for the worse yesterday. I talked to Dr. Darcy and she wanted him up to the vets that morning. We had the beauty of two awesome vets--Dr. Darcy and Dr. Pettigrew. Little Winston had a bit of surgery on his bum. But, things are not really fixed.  They couldn't find his urethra. The bulging area of his bottom was actually urine filled area and just leaking out of the skin by itself.  He has a cone on right now for a couple days. He really needs a PU/perineal urethrostomy.  This is indicated when the urethral opening is too narrow or obstructed. The urethra is moved to a different area on the cat. Here's our worry--he's so so small and for this surgery, must be catherized.  No catheter small enough yet. Other worry is finding the urethra and another worry is if the present "lost" urethra becomes constricted. And also---a blood count was done on Livingston and his kidney levels are already taxed by this problem and are elevated.  So......we need time for this kitten to grow.

Spencer--his tummy is bulging.  Not with fluid but with poo.  We already know the nerves to his legs are not working. It appears also the nerves for his pottying, are also affected.  He does poo, but I call it "pushover poo" for a lack of another word.  It's when the intestinal track gets so full of poo, it has no choice but to simply empty out on it's own.  We're hoping as time goes by and he grows, this may improve.

And we hit the big 50,000 number for the Eagle Rare Life Contest!  Wow!  Thank you very much!

Other than these issues, all is good.  Kittens are growing, some are on hold for adoptions, the weather is 2 degrees cooler!, the farm animals are doing great, cats are contented. Take care and enjoy this day. See you for BOXES and the Drawing tomorrow evening!