Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday, July 21

Flat cats.........yep, that what we have here.  As are many, we are in a Heat Advisory.  90's for a few days with very high humidity.  Fabio is once again laying low on the cement. The sidewalk going from the fence to the Covies had 3 cats all stretched out on it yesterday.  This morning for breakfast, while it was cooler out, I fed the Sunporch cats and the Firehouse cats.  There was a total of 25 cats that came up to eat---some of the Barnies also came forward.  Smart felines---eat while it's cool!

We had an adoption on Tuesday. Our sweet boy Kevin made his travel to his new home. Schinn and Vaun took him with them. Schinn then left by plane and Vaun continued on home and met Laura at an animal shelter to do the passing over of Kevin in a safe room inside. Laura also adopted Friedricka who is now Sophie. The latest is they are already great friends and kept her up all night playing!

We had BOXES last night. We are very thankful to you!
Conii and Elliott & Izabellah--6 bags of RC baby cat, 2 cases KMR. Also 6 wonderful books called "9 Little Kitties", illustrated by our own Wanda "portrait artist" Edwards.  Big thanks!
Annette20--donation to FFRC
Cheryl L from WA--coupons
Gina from OH--donation to FFRC
Joy & Dan D from NY--donation to FFRC for the kitties

You know those ads that pop up on the ustream that sometimes seem annoying? We understand but.........FFRC also gets a revenue from them! For the month of May, we just received today, the amount of $1,095.05--just for those ad pop ups!  It's really a great thing!

We also have a few more thanks to give!
Stephanie S from UK--donation for a commissioned Cat Bear
Brenda R from VA--donation to be used however is needed

We have another update too!  So nice to hear these! This one is on Shawnee, adopted by Kerswill and Tom.  They say she is so sweet and will be accompanying Kerswill on her walks (for ResQwalk) with Shawnee in her stroller which she likes! A fun outing for both. Her weight is the same and she loves to eat! Thanks for giving this great cat such a good home!

We have taken in a new young adult cat 2 days ago. She was found wandering around a volunteer's neighborhood. She's a beauty--a calico/tiger combo with a real sweet personality. She's about a year old. Her name is Sedona (a Name a Cat name).

We will also be taking in a new cat. His current name is Winston. We were contacted by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. They have a cat with CH and were looking for a rescue to take him. His CH is apparently mild. Winston is said to be a fun cat. He enjoys being with other cats and does well. He's already neutered, tested and vaccinated. They have a volunteer who is willing to bring him to FFRC on July 29 in the early afternoon.  We'll welcome Winston here!

Remember......Sunday starts the new July Fun-Raiser! We're looking forward to it.  The items--A thru H are absolutely wonderful. Drawing will be Weds. at 6:00 with BOXES at 5:30.

Please remember your pets in this extreme heat.  They can die quickly and in a suffering way, inside a vehicle.  Someone called and said their cat was in a box in the back of a truck---this is not good either. The heat builds up quickly and the cat will die. Dying of heat exhaustion is not a pretty thing. not let these things happen. Give fresh cool water several times daily. If outside, be sure there is shade. There's so many ways to keep the outside animals comfortable and so many ways though that can be horrible. Think of their safety.