Saturday, July 26, 2014

2nd blog for Saturday, July 26

Saturday afternoon, 2nd blog for today:   Hello friends.  I have some updates for you. First, let me start with Penelope and Splendor.  Splendor passed away earlier today. So very sad about this. Our vet has been aware of these happenings. Here's a little insight on what has happened. Penelope came in bone thin. She was very pregnant. And she became very sick.  Babies were born.  Did good for a couple days. Things started happening. We noticed the kittens feet were swollen. This is a result of mama's poor health, causing a protein problem which resulted in fluid overflow in the kittens. This fluid settled in the lungs and feet. Kittens will die from this and did. Penelope is completely dried up and has been for several days. Penelope is now down on the floor and she seems quite comfortable there. I'm positive she is aware that her kittens are gone, but she now will have an opportunity to heal herself. She has quite a ways to go. We'll give her lots of love, attention and food.  We also took in 2 new kittens today. One is about 10 weeks old, a very cute black/white medium hair female. Her name is Brise (Bree-say), a dance name. She was found by the person that owns the dance studio here in Defiance. She's been tested, vaccinated, bathed and is doing great.  The second kitten is about 6 weeks old, a grey/brown tiger (very different coloring), a little boy.  No name yet. He was found by the road in a neighboring town. This kitten definitely appears to be a CH kitten. He is able to get into the litterbox by himself and loves to play.His tummy is nice and round!  He and Brise are bunking together and are enjoying the company. .