Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weds., July 23

Mich and Vern---a huge, giant thanks to you both for doing two Flash Sales yesterday for the cats.  I dearly appreciate what you've done for FFRC and the cats. The first sale was all the double packs of leggydews and the mountain of biggydews! The second sale was a variety of items from our store.  I so appreciate what Mich and Vern did and also deeply appreciate the viewers, chatters who participated in the sales! And those that were here just for the fun of it! We do so enjoy the fun part of it! Packages are already being made ready to send to you all!

Many thanks too for the following donations:
Kathy K from IA--donation from herself and from Ro and Mike B who she met in a store while wearing an FFRC shirt! 
David C--donation to FFRC
Janet C from VA--donation to be used as needed
Vern & Mich--rat toy, bird suet cakes, 4 rugs, lysol wipes and also fleece for Angie

We now have two white bunnies.  We found out a little more of the bunny story. It turns out a neighbor had bunnies and decided to let them go.  Bunnies are actually very hardy. When I use to have the Wildlife Orphanage we would take in people's bunnies that they didn't want to keep. At one time, we had 65-75 domesticated bunnies hopping about on the farmyard. These two buns are welcome. There's a good possibility that there may be a few more coming our way. 

We had a big clean day yesterday. We hauled everything out that could be washed, outside to the parking lot. Then Ashlyn (granddaughter) power blasted them with our disinfecting hose system. The hot sun dried everything in no time. We're all squeaky clean!

We're having trouble with Penelope and her babies. I honestly don't know how this is going to end. I do know that Penelope did not feel good yesterday. Today it's obvious what's going on. She has an upper respiratory infection. Now that we know what's going on, we have her on two different meds and I can already see that she's feeling better. But, unfortunately, her kittens aren't doing as good. As you already know, we lost oneearlier. Today we lost two more of them. We have 3 remaining kittens.  These babies had a rocky start but let's hope they can make it thru this. 

We took in two new kittens this week. The first one is a very handsome tiger/American Short Hair Mix, male. He's about 9 weeks old. His name is Abe and was found on Angie, Bill and Elizabeth's porch. A sweetie who loves to be held. He will be in the Main Area soon.

The second cat is about 11 months old. His name is Austin. He's mostly white, with a black patch over one eye and a solid black tail. Very handsome fella. Unfortunately he has met with hard times. He's bone thin and was very wobbly from lack of nutrition. His tail met with an injury and the last half is a "dead tail". We shortened it up already so he wouldn't bump it, but eventually he will need surgery to remove the rest of the necrotic tissue and to cover the bone. Right now he's in no condition for surgery. He also had many maggots inhabiting the wound on his tail. His bubble bath produced lots of brown bubbles. He's eating so his strength is getting better and he's on two antibiotics. Austin is such a really nice cat. All you have to do is to look at him and he wants to be petted. 

Trucker is here on my desk taking a nap. He is now very insistent on coming into the Main Area. He spends the night time in the Thumper's Rooms but when I start the day, he's wailing away at the office door, demanding to come in the Main Area! What a stubborn boy he is!  So, the door is opened and now he, Thomas and Alma come trooping in. Trucker's weight went:  1.07 to 1.06 to 1.08. Today it was 1.08.5, so he gained a half of an ounce. I have no idea what Trucker's future will be. I'm just going day by day right now. We are feeding him anytime he wants food (and he lets us know when he's hungry!) and loving him to pieces.  He absolutely loves to be held. Let's just concentrate on the here and now time with this precious boy.

I've heard from several of our newly adopted cats. Purrgo is doing wonderful! They've decided to keep his name.  He purrs anytime he is petted and when done being petted, he's on the go!  Perfect name!  We've also heard from Yvonne a couple times--so far, so good! I'm thrilled. 

Coz is turning into a marshmallow! Same with August--they're both enjoying more and more being petted. It's wonderful how they are becoming more trusting. I have Trucker, Zelda, Jessie and Corby on my desk snoozing away! Ada Jane is doing pretty good. She sure likes chicken. These cats and kittens--they all have their likes and dislikes.....just like people. We know Pania likes a towel down on the floor to lay on after the floor is mopped. We know that  Derecho and Lorenzo loves their treat of baby food after breakfast. Kerri Kat needs the faucet turned on just so for her morning drink. Milo takes his afternoon nap on the princess bed. Felicity sits on the window sill in the front office for her meals....every time! We treasure their unique personalities!