Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29

What a chubby round tummy that Vernon has. He's so absolutely cute.  He gets on his back, paws up and waving.  Then when he starts wiggling that round tummy, a person can't help but laugh! He's doing really good.  Vernon is our newest kitten. He's about 6 weeks old, a grey/light brown tiger and is a mild CH baby. The person that has been caring for him called us and asked if we could take him. He and Trucker like to hang out together.

Trucker's middle name should be chicken. That baby loves chicken. We've now went to rotisserie chicken at our local grocery store--all deboned, deskinned, no fat.  He loves it. We weighed him yesterday and he checked in at a whopping 1.09 pounds.  Since he arrived, he's gained 3 ounces. And he made a milestone! He got into a litterbox by himself!  We are so so hoping for a good connection between his "bottom end" to his brain! I do believe things are looking up in that department. We put him in the litterbox many many times a day to encourage him. Trucker certainly lets us know when he needs something---he has this great big YEOW that comes out of that little mouth!

Our other new cat, Samara is doing good. She's the one that we think has two fractured legs. Now that the swelling has gone down in the front left leg, the fracture can be felt.  Wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful if the fracture can be repaired and the radial nerve isn't severed?  That would mean we could save the leg! Her other fracture is her rear right leg. She's scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning with surgery to follow.  The game plan is to repair only one leg at this time and to schedule another appt then for the second leg. We've been feeding her all she wants. She's had a bath finally and looks so much cleaner. She loves people.

Yesterday was Austin's surgery day. He had 2 surgeries. He is now neutered and the missing "tic tac" found and removed. His tail is about 2/3's a normal length. It looks great--should heal just fine! He came back with a cone on his head, which of course, he doesn't like. He won't have to wear it for long. Austin's a nice boy.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks given to you all for your support.
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--a case of kitty wipes!
Aunty Fi from UK--mat and filter for the new dome litter box
Jacksmom--a back up Pirate Ship----yah!  (Really, it's argggh!)
Judy M from NE--kitty card "Find Your Inner Purr", stone tree for the rock gardens, pop tabs for kellen, tags for sale items, Licorice in varieties, 12 all occasion cards/envelopes
Joni/catlady--purple tshirt--No Such Thing As Just A Cat, done with bleach pen---really neat!  Coasters for a day sale, collage of the CH FFRC cats on a "C" and an "H". 
Kerswill--case Fancy Feast Kitten, case Friskies Pate, big bag of Purina One Adult, Ninja kitty cube and tunnel
Misty/Suzanne F from MI--donation
Walmart--for Pat's volunteer hours
Jean M from CA--card with donation for Penelope and family
Janet M from FL--paw points, donation for Sevaun & Buddies
Donna JD--card with a bobcat on it and a donation
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guiness--birthday card for Lorenzo and $5 for special snackers
Shelby & Katy--Happy Birthday card to Lorenzo and a donation. Also 3 tubs full of goodies--towels, 2 beautiful fleece blankets, Purina One dry, lots of Fancy Feast, Canidae can food, dry cat food, kitty snackers, kitty dome bed, milk rings for Pania & Friends, kitty toys, Danw soap, paper plates, kitty wipes, 13 gal. bags, pink poof, Tasty Kakes (yum!) and 12 stuffed toys for prizes at Catstock
Judy & Phil---Sunday visitor--Nature's Recipe packs, 2 lg kitty snackers, 24 can Sheba variety pack, sticknote pads, scotch tape/dispenser, styrofoam plates, 1 gal. bleach, 1 gal Vinegar
Pam T/zoolove from OHdonation in honor of Samara
Linda C--donation for a KFC chicken treat for Trucker and his pals
Gusti--donation in honor of Lorenzo's Happy Birthday! 

We've heard from Unna's new family. They said that she instantly was comfortable and was cuddly to everyone!  So nice to hear that.

We had our first campfire down at the backwater. Wood will be ready for anyone that comes for Catstock that would like a campfire, along with fire sticks and irons for Marshmallows and Pudgy Pies! Our farm ducks go there to swim around. You may see turtles, fish flipping out of the water and lots of water birds. 

Today we will have a Flash Sale! Joni has made some awesome trivets/coasters.  They have a really nice top finish that is resistant to heat and cold. The designs are really nice--very different than what we've had in the past. They are $18 for a set of 4, includes shipping.  This is going to be a "no big deal" sale--casual. So, no need to dress up for it!  lol   We will just hold up the trivets at random.  The first one who puts down in the chat that you would like it, gets it.  Can do by PayPal or check.  Nice and easy!

We have recently had 2 cats returned. Both are wonderful cats and had to be returned with great saddness by both families. One is Athena--a big black/white female that likes to talk.  She's a little shy so we're taking our time of introducing her to the Main Area. The second is Mahogany who we've talked about before. She is still in the back but getting much more confident.  

The kittens are absolutely crazy this morning. Alot of fun to watch them, but wow--craziness abounds! I think they've been nipping the catnip way too much! Wow--what a lot of energy. Must be this cooler weather. There are 29 cats and kittens in the Kitty Kabana Room---they are either in playmode or "watch the birds" mode.  Some are completely tuned into the bird feeders. And coming along here to me is little Trucker. He is definitely getting stronger and is learning to put his legs to the side so he can get around better. He loves to have Freemont give him his morning bath--so sweet of Freemont. 

Thursday early afternoon is a joyful day. FFRC has been asked tohelp with a little boy kitten called Tiny Tim from Staten Island. He was found on the streets of Brooklyn. Tiny Tim has a rear deformed left foot. Apparently his front legs like to try to cross and he is a mild CH.  He should arrive Thursday early afternoon. Jennifer, a volunteer from the organization where he was taken to will be driving him here. This is a special time as Jennifer is also the person who was one of the people who rescued Joey and Thomas. So excited for her to see these two boys!  

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Remember, be kind to those that come your way today--you'll love how it makes you feel! And I'll bet your pets will sense your happiness and love it too! Know of a cat or dog that needs spayed or neutered? Please....you can make a BIG difference---help control the pet overpopulation problem.