Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday, July 15

Busy day of treatments yesterday. Have that caught up, but then there's always more! I think the kittens and cats must look at the treatment board every morning and check the names out. Then those cats disappear! 

Carol, Trucker, Veora and Murphy are now spending a bit of time here in the Main Area. They have just joined the kitty herd  and are having fun. Trucker prefers to be held though. Such a sweetie he is. We still keep placing him in the litterbox to help him out.  I truly feel this is a birth deformity for this little boy, as he is showing other "kinks" in the system. His one front leg is thickened and his vertebrae and ribs are "flattish". But, to Trucker, this is normal and so he carries on. I just want him to enjoy every moment of every day and to play, purr and play some more!

Big thanks to Judy and Phil--Sunday visitors. They brought: 6 steno pads, postit pads, trash bags, twizzlers, box of t-shirt bags, PT's, hand soap, hand sanitizer, TP, Clorox  wipes, Bounce, hole reinforcements.
Rascalboots/Heather H from Oh--break Away Collars.

We had a visitor yesterday--a sweet 9 year old girl. She came in and presented us with a donation. Her name is Rebecca. 

We also had another visitor. Her name is Kaylee and came with her family. They also brought some great items from our Need List! We've had the pleasure of knowing Kaylee for a few years--always a joy to have her visit us. 

Check this out!  It's awesome. Many thanks to Dawnstar for putting this together.