Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday, July 18

Penelope had her babies! And we're really talking baby size kitties. They are small.  I had so hoped she would wait off thru the weekend so we could have time to put some weight on her. As you know, when she arrived, she was bone thin--pelvis very protruding. But, she began right away eating with gusto! She had 6 little ones, starting yesterday in the early morning hours. Two born before I even came out. She did a good job. Unfortunately, we have lost one of them--the extra extra tiny grey/white one. We kept her snugged up to mama as much as we could so she would feel her warmth, but she passed this morning. This litter has a hard road to go right now--the main thing is to make sure they stay warm and up to mama to nurse. We now have 2 greys, 2 black tiger/whites and 1 creamy-white kittens. 

We had our Raffle last night. This was an exceptionally fun and productive one! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your participation in it. As you know, most of the money from the Catathon was already designated for certain things. These Raffles are what keeps us, keeping up with our day to day bills. 
So.........the winners were:
Larissa Harliquin sitting kitty was won by Thomas Woo  (remember we only use partial last names)
Larissa Harliquin laying kitty was won by Kimkost
Signature Quilt by Vixanna was won by Gusti (gifted back to FFRC)
Ripple Afghan by Sharon M was won by Ann Fen
Joe/Kerswill cat bed was won by Ferole
Granny Square Afghan by Rosemary was won by Jennifer Moo

The totals from this was $3,900! Then we had some extra givers:
Beth--rounded up by $100  to               
EarthEyes rounded up then by $95          
Michlyn & Vern bumped it up by $42.43
Ellen & Pat raised it by another $57.57
Brenda R then bumped it by another $100
Our new total then came to $4,300.00    All I can say is a big WOW and a super big thank you.  

We also had consolation prizes: 1 quillow blanket, 2 human-dew size blankets, Larissa cat eye box and 10 pks kitty scissors for the frig and Rescue Angel Magnet. Thank you again for such a huge successful Raffle. It was fun!

We had a couple BOX nights since the last blog. Yes, I've gotten behind, but I am always full of thanks for you all! 
Joco from MN--Old Dutch Puffcorn Caramel Corn for Steve, Volunteers and myself. Yummmmmmmm!
Lizmol20 with Ariel & Jenny from MI--made by Liz: 2 charms with crystals and kitty charms. Very pretty.
FaithMD and Bobby--box tops for Kellen, coupons, sheet of Forever stamps, 2 sun crystals for windows
Beth A/eaglewatcher from IL--popcorn scoops, about 500 utensil packets and popcorn bags for Catstock
Helmin/Helen M from UK--3 cases Fancy Feast Variety
Anonymous Friend--2 cases babyfood
Itnurse--kitty paw print bracelet, You Never Walk Alone necklace, circle with paw print necklace and an angel wings surrounding a paw--so very pretty
Haroon A from NV--5 cans KMR
LucyToons from UK--pop tabs for Kellen, stickers for Hannah, farm scene scarf with 2002 calendar and a Home is Where the Heart is scarf with 2001 calendar
Mayumi from Japan--2 bags Scallops/Crab treats, 2 boxes of Tulle Chicken/Tuna and a bag of goodies for Hannah
Sherri/sillysticks from OH--Spartan tags
Jan from Hawaii--kitty card with note & a magnet book mark
Betz--payment for Shelter plaque
Aunty Fi & Joni/catlady--Memorial stone for Milford that says: Our precious reminder to always be kind to animals. 
Ruth E from Defiance--a thank you note and a donation in thanks for caring for Chalet (who is doing great!)
Pat, Thursday volunteer--4 prs handwarmers and a crocheted kitty pad
Tigercat54/great Aunt Julie--case of Gourmet Petite Cuisine, tuna/shrimp
Cheryl E from OH--Famous Amos Cookies!
Penny B--catnip infused puffballs, 7 pcks Fancy Feast and 18 cans Appetizers
Rebecca & Willow--3 cases Fancy Feast Variety
Patcat--day visitor--Appetizers, volunteer snackers & highlighters
Widdletigger--2 cases of Awake candy--chocolate & caramel bars--extra yum!!!!!!!
Zoolove with Cali, Princess Smokey, Snowy and Blackie--case of Fancy Feast, case of Gravy Sensations, doggie snackers, 3 pcks paper plates, XO super concentrated odor neutralizer, fold up insulated tote bag, 3 cakes of suet and a suet feeder, kitty toys, Squeaky Mr. Bill. Also a kitty bird bath/bird feeder and a metal kitty chasing mouse spinner for the rock gardens. Love them! 

We also have a few PayPal thanks to give:
Thomas M from CO--paypal donation for FFRC
Andree/Sonnykat--donation to help with mailing raffle items!
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for helping the kitties
Gillian from UK--donation in memory of her husband Tom who passed in May. We're sorry for your loss, Gillian. We will do as you wish--buy baby food jars for Derecho and friends, since Tom enjoyed watching that, and also for the medical fund. Take care.

Ustream is wonderful!  You might be saying.........what???  I know the ads are rather a bother at times, but when those ads pop up, FFRC makes money! For June, FFRC received $2,022.16! So, keep being patient with those ads--they truly do help us! 

We have another little kitten in. Her name is Vaun! She is a brownish tiger/white Manx kitten. Very sweet. Loves to cuddle right up by the neck, like Takara does. She was going to be shot if she had to go back to where she came from. How someone can stand there and say that is beyond me. But, it happens. But, NOT to this little girl. She's here and she's safe and she loves to play! She has a cute little tweak to the end of her tiny tail! 

Purrgo will be going to his new home on Sunday about 9:00 ish.  Unna is also on hold and will leave end of next week. We also have another cat that just came in. She was a kitten in 2008. Her name is Mahogany. She is so beautiful. A long hair golden-brown colors with such a sweet face. She is 6 years old. She had to come back thru no fault of her own. Her family dearly loved her but could no longer keep her. Hopefully, Mahogany will be out in the Main Area soon.