Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday, July 1

I am humbled beyond belief.  I am beyond words. I have just taken an adventure into the world of facebook and read so many of the posts from yesterday. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your very kind words, your well wishes, your compassion, your memories of our cats that have been adopted.  What I'm the most thankful for is......your friendship.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by family, awesome volunteers and to actually be able to FEEL the friendship from you all is truly an amazable thing. Yesterday was a horrible day for me--just felt overcome with the loss of these babies. But, even then, I knew in my heart that I'll always "go on".  And so....today is a new day. It's filled with wonder. And these kittens and cats that are here in this rescue--they are so ALIVE with energy--they give me great joy and peace. Life goes on and so will I.  Thank you all for your boost.

A few thank yous!  I am always grateful.
Eugenia S from Russia--donation for FFRC
Deb N from NH--a donation for FFRC. This is a special donation, as it is "in memory of my sister who passed away this week and went home to be with her Lord God and Savior." Deb--hugs to you. Take care.
Ruth D from NC--donation in memory of Bluss and Fantasia.

Today Muffin, our Covie cat, is 11 years old. She is our only calico cat and arrived here 9/14/04. Our volunteer Martha brought Muffin here.  Happy Birthday, Muffin.

Just got our monthly report from Amazon. They deposited $388.55 into our account---thanks to you all who order Amazon items thru our website!

We have all but 8 packages sent out now from the Catathon!  If you haven't sent your PayPal in yet or check, we'll keep your items safe until we hear from you.  That day still is a wonder of amazing things. 

We will have BOXES this evening at 6:00.  

I just had a piece of chocolate that also gives a little message.  My message for today -- Love with your whole heart and feel the joy!  How perfect is that!!