Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday, July 3

Happy 4th of July for tomorrow! It'll be a wonderful Independence Day! I've convinced the cats they cannot stay up late to watch the fireworks.  They've begrudgingly have listened....maybe.

Our new kitten Carol is doing wonderful. She's the new silver grey/white baby girl. So much energy. She appears healthy and oh so active! Won't be long until she'll make her way to the Main Area. The other new kitten is Purrgo, the siamese kitten. A handsome fella.  A bit shy but we're all working on doses of TLC for him. 

Milford is such a dear. He loves to be cuddled.  There's no doubt his legs are a problem. They just get mumbled-jumbled underneath him. We keep his legs wrapped most of the day with the wraps coming off at night. He spends the nights in Dodger's Pen. He's such a wonderful kitten. Happy boy!

McHoney is also doing great. She is a fiesty little torti--always playing hard and coaxing even the big cats to play with her. Such a pretty girl.  Pablo and Corby are doing terrific. Both are growing and are so playful. Milo, the newest CH cat is in the Main Area all the time now. He loves people, gets along great with all the cats and is using the litterbox 100%--a really good happening! 

Hamlin Hope....this is a very special boy. He is now coming out whenever we call to him. He loves his tummy and back rubbed. He's eating much better and can purr. I'm truly thinking he is not a CH cat, but one that has much nerve inflammation/damage from the way his neck was torqed so far backwards at birth. All of his siblings passed away as tiny babies. We've started him last night on anti-inflammatories and hope this will give him some relief from his severe tremors. He especially responds to men, so Steve has been spending time just petting him.  He's just ever so very sweet. 

We had BOXES last night and Monday night!  Many many thanks to you all!
Shawn--gift card for FFRC from Amazon
FaithyMD--a special gift for Freemont---a mirror! He will love it!
Julie E and son Johnnyawesome23 from PA--3 boxes exam gloves, milk rings for Pania
Judeanlee--8 packages of Coil Spring toys and a graet bowl scratcher bed
Vickie B--from Dylans Candy Store Popcorn--3 different flavors--peanut butter, cake batter & cookies n cream
Sherri W and David from NY--beautiful Rainbow painting in pastels and picture of Magenta. I love it!
Linda S/mls9690--note and milk rings for Pania
Ellen & Pat--3 gallons of bleach
Caren F--2 cases Friskies Pate/chicken mix
Alan G--FFRC note pads--so very nice! 
Widdletiger/Elizabeth--box of paper towels (for Tabitha too) and a box of TP and 8 packages of 125 styrofoam plates!
Gallant and Montaina--a beautiful bouquet of multi colored roses--so beautiful
Caren F--3 cases Friskies Pate, 6 packages of snackers
Arden & Charmaine--big bag of Purina One Kitten and 4 cases of Friskies Pate
Eaglewatcher/Beth A--our visitor here for 2 weeks--FFRC's very own popcorn maker complete with the popcorn/oil/salt packs!  We're gonna love this!!
Ann/kikocat & Sean with Penn, Teller and Pixel--nice letter and several pictures of their kitties (from FFRC!), disposable gloves, sandwich crackers, almond snackers, ziplock bags, scratcher pads, kitty toys, 2 bags dry cat food (Good Life), cat snackers, Lysol wipes, Clorox wipes, case of Fancy Feast, case of 9-Lives, case of Friskies
Mona S/mdw20--note, and 2 gorgeous large Granny Suare afghans--so beautiful, 40 lb Precious Kitty Litter
Web Cam Friends--congrats on the Catathon!
Buddy the Cat & Mimi--coupons
Mayumi from Japan--kitty card of congrats on the Catathon
Jan O/farmgirl--card with ffrc kitties and things for Catathon
Mary Elizabeth I from AZ--PayPal for FFRC to be used as needed
Carl P from Canada--donation in Memory of Blyss and Fantasia
Shannah W--donation from PayPal for FFRC
Cristina B--donation for FFRC from PayPal
Marilyn H from FL--donation for FFRC from PayPal
Carol N--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal
Sarah P from MO--donation to give something fun to Carol the kitty! 
Melvin S from PA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Another clue to the mysterious upcoming adoption!  It is NOT Whisk or Preakness!  More details soon. 

Two new kittens have arrived. They came last evening, rather late. One is a beautiful torti type American Short Hair, the other is a really pretty tiger with "special" markings. Both were found down the road from FFRC, right smack on the road, just walking along. I'm sure they were just then dropped off. I'm so thankful they were not hit by a car. They are both females and about 8 weeks old. I was very tired when they arrived last night. There were still volunteers here--they ALL said---what can we do to help. They jumped up, and sure made me feel good by being so helpful. As I've said before---FFRC has the best volunteers ever!