Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday, July 26

Samara is her name. She's a 5 month old, long hair white kitten with a splotch of grey on her forehead. A Defiance person saw her on the road thinking she was killed by a car. When she went to lift her she realized that Samara was still alive. What a sweetie she is. Her left front leg appears to have the radial nerve severed which means an amputation as it renders the leg useless. Her rear right leg has a fracture. She's been on 2 pain beds to help her be comfortable. She's very thin. We have her scheduled for x-rays and surgery hopefully to repair the rear right leg. We'll know more after the x-ray is done. Later, after that recovery, we'll work on the front left leg. And eventually also get her spayed. We waited until today to give her a bath due to her pain level. She was wonderful for it---good thing--little girl was pretty dirty but not anymore. She's squeaky clean and eating really good! 

Monday is Austin's day for surgery. He will be neutered (a little more extensive surgery as one testicle is hiding) and have his tail amputated.  I believe he will end up with a bit more than half of his tail still left.  

Veora's neck wound from the dog bite looks great. She's starting to play alot now and acting more relaxed. Takara's fur is looking better now that she's had two medicated baths to help her feel better from the heavy lice infestation that she had. Wow---she is a beauty and is really starting to play and have fun. Vaun is still in the back spending a little extra time recovering from her URI. But each day she is better and is now eating good. I'll be so glad to see her playing! 

Carol is everywhere playing. She's a real toy-girl. Journey and Jordan also love to run and play. They purr easily now. Both are so very pretty. Murphy likes to play with McHoney---both ornery little girls! Moose, Scott and Tammy--our 3 smallest black kittens must be taking a class in how to be so cute and yet so mischievous all at one time. They love people too! 

We had BOXES last night. A wonderful box night and I'm so very grateful for the gifts/donations.
Jatcat--2 wonderful round beds, easily washed, low side on front
Michaela--card with note and a beautiful kitty & flower teapot for me! Many thanks!
Joco/Joann--120 white washcloths (great for washing kitty faces)
Sonjamac for baby tummies--96 pkts of Whiskas Choice cuts
Lannml--a Pirate Ship---yeah! perfect for our Pirate Kitty Jasmine!
Cogo/Millie C and friend Lois--at least a thousand crocheted kitty coils, variety of colors--great toys!
Janet S from IA with Harley & toby--card with a note. Lots of variety of cards/envelopes, milk rings for Pania, paper for kitty toy and a beautiful afghan--white and teal with kitties and colorful flowers
Wolfpatch/Dave & Prince--cookies!!!!  3 bags of Snickerdoodles, 3 boxes K-Kups, 50 vein sets 25 guage and 6 catnip mice
Beth/eaglewatcher--second popper pan for the popcorn popper!
Kelly R from CA--note. Catstock: bubblegum, 3 pks of candy, jewelry, Cat in the Hat erasers, Kits for making wrist bands, 3 puzzles of baby animals.  Bright yellow towels--bath, finger and wash clothes. Bag of Wellness chicken, Royal Canin baby, 3 lg. cans tuna, 12 jars of babyfood meat, sardines, box of Bounce
Aunty Fi from UK--For Trucker, Bella and Coralie--a large round covered litter box with a ramp--should make it easy access!
Donna B from TN--donation for FFRC and Trucker
Sue M/macncheesemom--donation for FFRC 
Maggie Mae--day visitor--can food, snackers, toys and great drawn pictures that are on the refrig.
Sharon E from FL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Julie & David P from UK--for Trucker to have some KFC chicken! 
Jan T from HI--for Trucker to have some KFC chicken also for Derecho, Jemima and other kitties that need a little extra something!
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jane & Greg W from TN--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal

Mahogeney is still in the Thumper's Rooms. She is doing much better and is getting braver. She is such a beautiful cat. Rich brown, tan and gold colors. And her fur--it's so long. She has a beautiful long bib and her pantaloons just flows when she walks! A gorgeous cat.

We've heard from Megan, aka Postal. All is going great. She is playing with the other cats already and is quite the snugglebunny. 

Sometimes I'll have people ask me why we do checks on potential adopters and have the adoption process that we do. Always have and always will.  I'll tell you a few reasons--these are true things but not meant to cause you any stress!  I'll always check out potential adopters so no need to worry! Here's a few reasons: I want a mouser cat for my house as I have lots of mice and want them out of there.  Or, I want my friend to like me better.  If she thinks I like cats she'll go out with me on a date.  Or here's one too--I want an unspayed cat so she can have kittens so my kids can experience it (this will get the person saying it a whole educational story of why this is so so wrong). Never question it---an adoption process will always happen! 

I thank you all for your support. You've heard this before from me but it's so true. It takes a whole big village of all of you, to help us run this Rescue Center.  We are all part of each other. Whoever you are that is reading this--a volunteer, a chatter, a lurker, a fb friend, anyone----Your part is important to us and so appreciated.