Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday July 24

Ming---what a special boy.  His little "oddities" add to his charm.  He has a huge heart of friendliness.  His half closed eyes, his crooked tail, his cute knocked kneed walk--it's all of the wonderful things about Ming that make him Ming. Until he finds his forever home, he has one here.

Coralie's hardest time is in the morning when those whippersnappers get way way too close to her. Most of the time she's pretty tolerant of those little ones. In the morning, when breakfast is in process, it can be a bit overwhelming with the rush of trying to get all mouths fed. Of course, each one thinks they are hungrier than the other. And with Coralie, if you think about it, she doesn't have much protection for herself other than to sound gruff. She's got a bit of a wallop in her front paws.  Most of the kittens haven't figured out yet that she only has one claw (dewclaw which isn't used to whap with) on one foot.  The other foot does have a few toenails but she doesn't really use them on the kittens. She can and does have a nice sweet side that she uses for the kittens......but not in the early morning! 

We had BOXES last night.  So many big thanks to you all.  The cats and I are grateful.
Judiannlee--pkg of spring toys, 2 tunnels, case of Kitten Fancy Feast
Gisa M Zigan--from Germany--2 books (one ENglish, 1 German) "Black Daughter" signed by this author. Already started reading it!
Patty/middiemom--Fancy Feast kitten can food, bag of Purina dry kitten food
Conii and fur babies Elliott  & Izabellah--2 cases of KMR
Sunny & Bacon--7 beautiful crocheted kitty blankies
Vickie B--6 bags Royal Canin mom/baby cat dry food
Nona--14 cans of KMR
Janet C from VA--2 cases Friskies & 2 cases Fancy Feast Grill
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie in IA--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 4 boxes Purrfectly Chicken, big bag of Purina One dry food
Anonymous Friend sent from cases of baby food meat (chicken/beef)
Alan C from UT--donation
Littlecat/Elaine B from FL--card with note with picture of their TUxie "Little Cat", donation to sponsor Penelope and family for their care.
Becky & Mike S--scratcher, long white enveloopes, Walmart gift card, towels
Don & Sylvia/papanuke & mamanuke from TX, day visitors--a comfy bed and a donation
Anonymous Friend--donation in honor of Penelope and babies
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation for KFC for chicken for Trucker, Ada Jane and friends!
Trende G from KY--donation for FFRC
Hencass--donation in memory of Penelope's babies that we lost, use as needed

We are down to one single baby of Penelope's. Yesterday was a tough day for Penelope and us. Her virus that she has, has taken a toll on her already poor condition. I've been asked if the babies were premature.  This is hard to really know. We know their birth weights were very low. We know their skin is very very thin. Are the babies not surviving because of mama's illness, her very poor arrival condition or because of being premature? Probably all 3 things are a factor. Regardless, we have mama and baby to care for. The remaining baby is a grey tiger.Baby is called Splendor. 

Many thanks to Goss and those who post up BOXES. Our friends who are unable to watch it live appreciate this effort. I was asked to pass this on to you! I thank you too!

Today a large amount of our recent Flash Sale items will be sent out! Always let us know if there are problems with an order please.  I believe I have a final count of how we did for the two Tuesday Flash Sales.  It's $2, 480. Absolutely wonderful!

An update on our little rowboat! Yesterday was Launch Day! We put it in the backwater and..........we didn't sink!  Yeah! The plug did get kicked out accidently and we did take on water until we noticed it and replugged though! We painted the rowboat in camouflage colors! We also made a nice size fire pit at the backwater. So........those that come for ready for a Saturday night bonfire!  Or maybe Friday night and Sunday night and.............! We have lots of chairs!  

Jemima and Smallisha are doing wonderful. Dickens "asked" Jemima if he could nurse yesterday and she pushed him away so fast I think his head was spinning. But, he got the idea, he shook himself off and took off after Missa. Smallisha has been playing like a kitten---every toy is fun for her! 

Katara and Vaun are doing much better.  Both arrived a bit bedraggled but both now are doing better. Because of skin problems, they both required a second bath.  Now they look better! Austin too had a 2nd special bath yesterday and he also looks better. He was down on the floor for a while to stretch his legs. Today he'll be out more but in Thumper's Room.  I do believe Abe is about ready to come to the Main Area.

Life is good.  And enjoyable. How could it not with so many kitties purring and playing. I also heard a thought from dear Putter---he's still pushing for more spays and neuters.  Have you done a spay/neuter yet this summer for a cat or kitten? YOU can truly be a saver of lives by this simple act!