Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday, July 7

Surgery Day is over. This blog is to just go over the basics of surgery.

For the females, we did:
Brandywine--glad we did, her ovaries were very enlarged
Willow---physical good   2.01
Tammy--physical good   2.00
Punita--physical good  3.08
Missa--physical good  4.02
Journey--physical good  2.01
Jordan--physical good  2.01
Postal--physical good  3.14

For the males, we did:
Archer--physical good 2.01
Luigi--physical good  3.01
Pablo--physical good  2.00
Corby--physical good  3.10
Solomon--physical good  2.09
Purrgo--physical good  2.07

Physical on Hamlin Hope:  very interesting and will be viewed on the veterinarian's board to get ideas as to what this may fully be.

Physical on Sadie:  another interesting one.  Physical good, has mouth damage from hitting head on floor but appears to be healing.  No spay today since she had just received a Depo injection before arrival (this can lower her immune system). 

Milford:  there's no way to say this but to come right out and tell it.  Milford passed away.  My heart is literally broke in a thousand pieces.  All was fine, his monitor was beeping along and then it slowed a few beats and then it simply stopped. We spent much time this afternoon in discussion. We have come to the conclusion that his blood pressure had dropped too low, too fast.  Something good will come of this. We are already scheduling a class for myself, Bonnie and Sue to learn even more about our wonderful new monitor system. We WANT TO KNOW MORE about how to prevent deaths. This monitor we have can help us. So, very soon, a class will be scheduled.  We will make his death be something that is good in the long run.

I am in need of taking a bit of time off. Please forgive me if I'm not with you in the cam world as much for a short time. Just need a bit of a break. It's been tough these last few weeks. We've discussed here today the extra troublesome cases we have had in this year. We can only continue to educate people---spay and neuter and to treat animals with kindness. Thank you in advance, for understanding. I need some healing time. We have a sign on our refrigerator here---Put aside all anxious thoughts and be at peace.  That's where I need to head.